Monday, January 25, 2010

Has the Killer of Lucia Amenta been found?

While looking for a completely unrelated image online, I happened to stumble upon the photo and attached article below...

Lucy, come home - a husband's cry into the silence

Paolo Amenta stands in front of large "missing" poster of his wifeof 46 years, Lucia, who disappeared three weeks ago. 
Paolo Amenta stands in front of large "missing" poster of his wife of 46 years, Lucia, who disappeared three weeks ago.

Heartwrenching ... immediately drawn in I found myself googling "Lucia Amenta, Missing" hoping to discover that she had been found and was now safely home with her family who so desperately searched after this seemingly much cherished woman.

My search results provided a fairly large amount of news articles dated from when Lucia Amenta of Fawkner, Australia first went missing in the month of January, 2008.  From which, I was especially drawn towards the story below...

Help find my mum - son

Police have not ruled out foul play in the disappearance of Lucia “Lucy” Amenta.  

Mrs Amenta was cooking chicken schnitzels for a family lunch on Saturday, January 19, just before she disappeared.  

John Amenta fought back tears last week as he explained that his mother, who has lived in Sydney Rd with his father Paul for 29 years, said she was going to walk to visit a friend that morning. 

By now I'm nearly audibly praying "Please Lord, Let Lucia have been found safely..." - which is why my heart sunk when my further online search results produced the following article dated 10/29/09...

CONFIRMED: Body in barrel is Fawkner grandmother Lucia Amenta  -  

A BODY discovered in a barrel in Campbellfield is Fawkner grandmother Lucia Amenta, who vanished in January last year, police have confirmed.

Homicide Squad detectives said dental records had helped identify the 70-year-old, who was last seen walking in Sydney Rd, Fawkner, on January 20 last year. 

At a press conference this afternoon, Insp Stephen Clark said police had a number of suspects but needed public help to solve the case ... He said the barrel was not in the lake on July 31 - the last time Hume Council conducted a river clean-up.

Further search results information revealed that...

Police raid Fawkner home connected to grandmother's disappearance after discovery of female remains in barrel 

Police 'close' to laying charges over body-in-barrel victim Lucia Amenta

John Amenta
Mrs Amenta's body was found on Tuesday in Merlynston Creek at Campbellfield, 3km from her Fawkner home and 21 months after she vanished.

One of Mrs Amenta's sons denied he had anything to do with her death and another prepared to fly back from overseas to bury her.
Mrs Amenta's youngest son, John, 40, declined to comment on the case.

  • Son denies he had anything to do with case
  • Police say body was that of Lucia Amenta
 John Amenta leaves his home in Taylors Lakes. 

However, from what I am currently seeing/finding, there have yet to be any charges issued regarding the apparent murder of Lucia, in fact, I'm pressed to find any new information at all.

With the most recent online search results dated 12/21/09...
Cops quiet on granny-in-barrel killing

Thus I'm left here, sadly wondering...what really happened to this Grandma, what in real life monster committed this heinous crime and (although admittedly impossible to find a satisfying answer to) most of all   WHY ???

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Anonymous said...

Yes its very strange that no further information has been published by the police? Where are there investigations heading? What have they found out? Do they know how Lucia Amenta died? Any clues on where she has been for the time she went missing to the time when she was found?

Anonymous said...

Perplexed that the police still hasn't found the killer. Does this indicate that they haven't not done their job so well this time around? Considering that we have seen such an easy/quick resolve of the other missing/ murder cases such as the Gurshan Singh, and Rockefellar deaths.

Yes why so silent?

Sara Huizenga said...

Sad news to share ... Lucia's body has been recovered ...

the Truth said...

The list of suspects can only be 2 people long, surely - it is just a case of working out which one did it. No simple task. The method of death may not be any help - I hope that there is news soon.

Anonymous said...

It can only be john, Paul senior, or Paul junior. Paul junior was cut out of the family inheritance. I bet it was Paul junior

Anonymous said...

Yeh. That's right. John was given everything including all the proceeds from the sale of property. Paul was given nothing. And Lucia hated Paul's wife Lilliana with a passion.