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Jasmine Haslag, Monday4 the Missing

written by: Peace4 the Missing member, Miranda Rhuda

Jasmine Haslag of Cole County, Missouri, has been missing since June 18, 2007. Her family knew that something was very wrong when she did not arrive to pick up her children from their father’s house as she had promised them that Monday.

Her mother, Peggy Florence, called the Cole County Sheriff’s office to report her daughter missing on June 21st. What Peggy would hear next was devastating.

Her daughter’s car, described as a green 1996 Toyota, had been found in a field between Dixie and Mokane, off of Route PP in Callaway County, on the other side of Missouri River, the previous day. There was frontal body damage to the vehicle and the license plates were torn off.
“When we ran the VIN on the car it checked back to Haslag, but there was no connection with a missing person at that time,” said Callaway County Sheriff Dennis Crane Wednesday. “Since there were no warrants for her, we had the car towed because it was found on private property.”
After learning of the girl’s disappearance, Sheriff Crane and his deputies processed the car for any potential evidence and completed a five hour search of the immediate area in which the car was found.

The Cole County Sheriff’s office has been very cooperative and forth-coming with all case details. They have worked with various Cole County officials in following up on leads in the Holts Summit area.

Her mother admits that it is possible that Jasmine was suffering from depression at the time of her disappearance but reassures that she would have never left her children.

Jasmine failed to appear for court on July 18, for a couple of drug-related charges which occurred in May. She was out on a 50 thousand dollar bond.

As of July 18, officials are saying that foul play is definitely suspected in the disappearance of Jasmine Haslag. A reward of increasing amounts has been offered for any information leading to an arrest in the Haslag case.

Authorities have followed up on several leads and interviewed many people

KRCG's Mallory McGowin spoke to Jasmine's mother, who is searching for answers about her daughter.
"I'm not going to give up looking for Jasmine because those three little kids want to know where their mother is. And I need to know where their mother is," says Peggy Florence, Jasmine's mother.

Full Name: Jasmine Sue Haslag
Maiden Name: Martelli, Florence
Hair Color: Brown, Possibly Blonde
Eye Color: Hazel
Weight: 115lbs, Slender Build
Height: 5'9
Race: White

The last time Jasmine was in contact with her family was on the 17th of June '07. It is said that she was last seen on the 18th of June '07. Her car was found abandoned in Callaway County on the 20th of June '07.

Cole and Callaway Countys are seeking information on the disappearance of Jasmine Haslag. If you have any information, please call any of the following numbers: Cole County Sheriff's Department at

Callaway County Sheriff's Department at

Or by submitting a tip to Crime Stoppers at
573.659.TIPS (8477)

To help Jasmine's family in increasing the reward, donations can be made to The Jasmine Sue's Recovery Fund at Jefferson Bank. The address to Jefferson Bank is 2815 Truman Boulevard Jefferson City, Mo 65109.

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Christopher Robin Coan, Monday4 the Missing

Had Christopher Coan been 18 in 1967 instead of 2007 he may have experienced some of the things he read about in books by Ken Kesey such as "One Flew Over the Cukoo's Nest" and "The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test". He may have been one of the Merry Pranksters or maybe just another one of us with dreams of heading to San Francisco and hanging out at Haight Ashbury mingling with the flower children during the "Summer of Love".

It's reported that Chris was fascinated with life in the 60's, the unrest in America at that time, and the Viet Nam War. Maybe he toked a few doobies along the way, but from what I've read he seemed to be a typical teen in 2007 in Cedar City, Utah, a skateboarder, not a rebellious hippie of the 60's prone to taking off and not telling anyone.

On September 3, 2007, Chris left his job at Subway never to be heard from since. Accounts say that he had a difficult shift dealing with a rude customer, then being reprimanded by his boss for something minor, but nothing happened during that shift that was a big enough deal to just walk away from his life.

Chris belongs to a loving family who attended church together and had a girlfriend, Sasha, who lived with him in a small, separate space at her parent's home. Chris owned a 1994 burgundy and silver Chevy S10 Blazer which he had recently purchased, and which no one saw him getting into after work. His vehicle is also missing, no trace left behind, as well as his wallet, drivers license and ATM card. There has been no activity on his bank account.

Searches have been conducted yielding nothing and reported sightings have been inconclusive. Authorities believe he is missing under "suspicious circumstances", but because of his being 18, could have left voluntarily although nothing in his demeanor would indicate that he just wanted to walk away from his life, his girlfriend, and his family.

An appeal from father, Dave Coan:

I appeal to everyone out there to help us find our son. We love Chris and miss him very much. His brothers and mother are very much affected by his disappearance as well. Not a minute goes by that we don't think about him. We are stuck in a kind of limbo. We cannot move forward with our lives not knowing where he is or if he is alright. The stress, most days, is almost unbearable.

My personal message to Chris: If you are out there, son, we love you and miss you very badly and please call and let us know you are ok.
If anyone knows his whereabouts or saw Chris that day or any day thereafter:
Please email your tip to or click the button above. (you may remain anonymous)
Enoch PD 435-586-9445
Active investigation conducted by Private Investigator :
Marki Davis: 801-719-9494

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Team Hope

Peace4 the Missing members are representatives of various organizations. We will spotlight these organizations and hope that the readers who need their services will find the one that fits their particular needs.

Team HOPE is a part of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children's Family Advocacy Division. Team HOPE volunteers are mothers, fathers, siblings and extended family members, who have had (or still have) a cherished missing child. We are ordinary people who one day were forced to live this nightmare. We know the pain, the fear, the frustration and the aloneness of having a missing child. We are courageous, determined, intelligent and empathetic. We have demonstrated the ability to turn our personal tragedies into vital lifelines of support for other families.

Established in 1998, Team HOPE matches searching families with experienced and trained volunteers who have had or still have a missing child. Because they speak from firsthand experience, these volunteers offer emotional support, compassion, guidance, empowerment and assistance in ways no other community agency can.

Team HOPE volunteers include parents, grandparents, and other family members. Nominations of potential volunteers originate from active volunteers, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, State Missing Children Clearinghouses, nonprofit organizations dealing with missing children issues and law enforcement officials. Nominees have demonstrated the ability to turn their personal tragedies into vital lifelines of support for other families. Potential mentors are screened and trained before becoming Team HOPE volunteers.

Coping with the trauma of having a missing child demands courage and determination from parents and other family members, who often feel isolated in the face of fear and frustration. Because our volunteers had or still have a missing child, we are able to provide compassion, counsel and support in ways that no other agency can.

Over 14,000 families have been referred to Team HOPE. Our volunteers offer families of missing children encouragement, empowerment, and support. It enables us to share our knowledge and thus help others. Law enforcement, social services, and other agencies also have gained valuable insight and assistance from Team HOPE volunteers in helping families of missing children.

  • We instill courage, determination, and hope on the part of parents and other family members.
  • We take away isolation in facing their fears and frustrations.
  • We provide compassion, counsel, and support drawing from our training and personal support.
  • We provide resources and refer to AMECO members and other missing children non-profit agencies worldwide.

If you would like to refer a family to access Team HOPE as a support resource or if you would like to refer a parent to become a Team HOPE volunteer, please call. We will help.


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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Legislation Changes For The Missing

Peace4 the Missing member, Jan Smolinski, has tirelessly worked over 2 years to make sure that other families of the missing do not have to endure the painful process she and her family have been through while searching for answers about the disappearance of son, William "Billy" Smolinski.
We have formed a Group at Peace4 the Missing to mobilize not only our members, but members of ALL Missing Persons organizations, no matter how large or small, to UNITE and do all we can to make sure that our nation's law enforcement agencies will be consistently using proper procedures when conducting investigations concerning the missing. Please join us and make this happen! Legislation Group

From Jan Smolinski:

The number of hurting hearts and lives tragically interrupted in this country are enormous, however, there may be an answer in the way of National Legislation.

After two years of emails, phone conversations and a meeting with Mr. Todd Stein, Senator Lieberman's Washington DC office, a draft for a bill is being written and with the Grace of God an eventual bill is within site, final destination Congress.

It does not matter who accomplished this, it's the fact that our citizens may have a little reprieve from the daily struggles of not knowing.

Please consider what this means for our country. Right now to achieve the final goal it does take a village and in order for this to become a bill your support is absolutely needed.

Please copy and paste the letter below and send it to the Federal Legislators from you state and/or Senator Lieberman's DC office directly.

The clock is ticking, together, we can help ease the burdens of the many lives shattered senselessly.

Thank you, please consider what this means and let your conscience be your guide.


DC Address: The Honorable Joseph I. Lieberman
United States Senate
706 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510-0703
DC Phone: 202-224-4041
DC Fax: 202-224-9750
Electronic Correspondence:
WWW Homepage: http://lieberman.senator


There are 150,000 Missing and 60,000 Unidentified dead in our country. This is a Silent Crisis and can be eliminated with the proper implementation of modern technology. The process has begun through the efforts of Connecticut Senator Lieberman to change the law in our country and help our citizens achieve the peace of knowing what happened to their loved ones.

We need to acquire the proper investigations after careful evaluation by law enforcement in our great nation with each and every case reported. It is important to follow proper protocol knowing that the first 24, 48, 72 hours are the most vital to retrieve evidence when trying to solve a case. Properly trained Law Enforcement will enhance safety, keep up with modern technology and become the CSI society most Americans believe we have already become.

The failure to identify the UID may allow a predator (serial killer) to escape detection and continue to prey on more victims.

Coroners and Medical examiners must under all circumstances when unidentified remains are found to enter DNA properly in a concise manner into the national database ( CODIS).

The NamUs Program instituted by the Department of Justice is now able to be fully utilized. The program is only as good as the authorities who enter proper information accurately into the system. To date our country lacks the proper communication.
Consequently by properly entering information into the Missing Persons section of Namus and information entered into the Unidentified side, matches are currently being made. The database has proven to be of value.

There is a manual already available for all authorities to have as reference but to date lacks the funding,it needs to be publicized and in the hands of the very authorities whom we depend on on a daily basis.
The manual was was authored by a panel of national experts representing investigators (IHIA, FOP, FBI etc), medical examiners/coroners ( NAME and IACME), victim families, groups ( NCMEC) and other experts...anthropologists, ethics (APA) . CODIS and NCIC, and prosecutors (NADA) etc

We are all striving to make our country a better place to live and put the criminals away.
Ultimately we may one day be able to walk the streets again knowing our lives are in the very hands of the authorities when properly trained will truly give meaning to the Code of Ethics Oath they must take when sworn into office.

Please listen to our pleas, there are thousands across this country to date who need answers and can not move forward until they are able to help lift the burdens in their hearts by not knowing.

Yes, this country is in an economic crisis, however should we not start at the root of our very country, our families, our future to allow funding needed and implement a law for the well being of our citizens?

After all no one is exempt.

We are asking for the support of all Federal Legislators to review and encourage the progress already taken place by Senator Lieberman and carefully consider all issues mentioned above. We are also asking to expedite the draft into a bill, to be presented to Congress in the near future.
This needs to be a National effort inorder to work properly and become effective.
Thank you




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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Tina and Bethany Sinclair, Monday4 the Missing

Video and text written by: Angie Gilchrist

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As I begin to write the events of Tina and Bethany's disappearance my eyes are filled with tears and my heart bleeds with pain for Tina and Bethany and their family...I know first hand what this family has and is going through and know the nightmare that this family has been forced to live and without a choice.

In the year of 2001 34 year old single mother Tina Sinclair shared a residence on Mountain road in Chesterfield New Hampshire a quiet community, with her daughter 15 year old Bethany Sinclair, her boyfriend Eugene Van Bowman Jr and another young male.

The relationship Tina and Eugene had was a stormy relationship and Eugene often abused Tina..On one occasion Bowman tried to light Tina on fire..He poured kerosene all over Tina but she managed to get away from him..But it would not end there..Many people believe that Tina and Bethany met their fate at the hands of the man Eugene Van Bowman Jr...However finding proof and fact has been an obstacle for law enforcement..Or is it just plain ignorance on law enforcements part?

Febuary 3 2001 at around 9:30pm Tina and Bowman got into a heated argument at the Marina..Tina left the parking lot in her vehicle a white Neon peeling out and angry.
Tina picked up her daughter Bethany up from the Movie theater and returned home to her residence around 11:30pm on Mountain road, where she then got into another argument with Bowman..According to Bowman he left the home and when he returned Tina and Bethany were gone..Here is where the story gets confusing and unclear. Tina's car was still parked at the home, along with all of their personal things and their pet cat. If someone was going to leave wouldn't they take some of their personal items and their vehicle?
Also an unidentified woman phoned Bethany's school to say that Bethany would not be at school Monday..Who was this mystery lady?

This is what the family of Tina and Bethany do know...
They know that Bethany was on the phone with her boyfriend until almost midnight and had to hang up so she could finish her laundry in the cellar.
The Stepfather also says that Tina was angry with Bowman earlier, when she stopped over to ask her Stepfather to borrow $50 and made plans to cut his hair on Sunday. The stepfather was turned away when he showed up for his haircut by Bowman. He was cleaning the house.
at 4:30 am on Feb 4, 2001 Bowman was cursed at by his neighbors for being out on the river in his hover craft. It had a loud engine and a very bright light.
Bowman had a mistress who was married to one of his friends and co-worker..The four of them would go out on couple dates together.
Two Yankee Nuclear Power Plant barrels were allegedly taken from the plant. Allegedly driven home by Bowman and his truck.Had the markings VT Nuke Power Plant on them.Were black and oval, not like your normal oil barrels. One was on the property (said to be used for ice for parties), the other one was missing.
After Tina and Bethany went missing, Eugene Van Bowman, Jr. was sent to prison for an unrelated sexual assault conviction (child sex offense victim under 13 years old).He was released in April, 2005 to the same home they all lived in.
Eugene Van Bowman, Jr. has been released from jail this fall 2007 on an unrelated offense, and is residing at his home in West Chesterfield, NH.Since then Bowman has sold his residence and has moved.

There is so much more to the mystery of Tina and Bethany's disappearance that remains to be seen..And we can only begin to imagine the horror that Tina and Bethany suffered at the hands of Bowman or from who ever that is responsible for their disappearance.

Most people just don't vanish off the face of the earth for no reason. And if someone does leave on their free will, surely they don't go eight years without contacting a family member. Especially when they have close ties to their loved ones..

How can anyone not have or feel compassion for Tina and Bethany. And for their family? Why and how can anyone live with themselves knowing that they know what happened to these girls? Surely someone has the answer to where Tina and Bethany are and they need to come forward and give this family some sort of peace..All they have of Tina and Bethany is memorial site..A place for them all to go to find some closeness to Tina and Bethany..The family deserves more than that..Tina and Bethany deserve more than that..These girls deserve to be brought back home to their loved ones..

What this family lives day to day I can ASSURE you ALL that it is torture!! PURE TORTURE!! How would you FEEL if someone MURDERED and then DISPOSED of your LOVED one like they were a PIECE of TRASH!!??
HOW WOULD YOU FEEL HUH! You would feel Like your heart has just been ripped right out of your chest. Your life as you once new it is no longer the same..You are forced to become someone else, a person you no longer know or understand..And your whole purpose in life is to find your missing loved one. And to find that existence of peace that you once new, cherished and loved..

Here is a quote from Tina's sister Sharon..
Since my sister and my niece have been gone, so has a part of me. I havent ever been the same. My heart is broken and so is my spirit. My mother has gradually crumbled as time has passed without her precious daughter and grand daughter. The anger, hatred, confusion, nightmares have shredded through me and made me into a person I dont even recognize anymore! Our family was divided at first for a long time, as nothiing was the same. The holidays, birthdays, family gatherings were like a bad dream because Tina and Bethany werent there.
A memorial will replace the one that was stolen last fall in time for the anniversary of Tina and Bethany's missing. Please visit if you can, at the CT River's bend, on Mountain Road, off RT 9 in West Chesterfield, NH. Please light a candle, say a prayer. I will never give up! No one should!

I BEG of you, if anyone has information regarding Tina and Bethany Sinclair please contact

TELEPHONE: (603) 271-3636
CASE: C-01-0161
DATE: 03-19-01

New Hampshire Division of State Police at (603) 271-3636 or (603) 358-3333 or send an email to:

Let this family finally have peace...

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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

PapAmore': How could my Mom's Birthday be Happy, when my Dad is no longer here?

Once upon a time, because He so deeply loves us and really wanted us to see, God put a face on True Love.  He allowed us to witness an "in real life" story of what "to truly cherish someone" means.  

Lucky us, most of all, who saw this up close...and when we did, we were struck with the knowledge of...this must be what life and love really means.

When I think of PapAmore' - when I think of my sweet Mom, the very first thing that comes to sacred love.  

Love that you're in awe of, love that makes you personally feel better to be around, love that must be the kind we'll someday know in heaven, a love that, just from witnessing, I will always carry closely within the innermost part of me.

This was not a selfish love, this love didn't swallow up in each other and escape from the world...rather it gave the one it most adored on earth the passion, support and desire to do even that much more, for every life it knew.

My parents never stopped holding hands under the table...they never lost that "drown in you" gaze.  When my Dad told me that once he met my beautiful Mother, that he never once laid eyes on another woman again...I never once questioned the validity behind his words.

It was a "look what I have" love, a "I am so blessed" love, a love that promised to thank God first and foremost forever for their greatest gift of each other.

A never could wain love, a never should die love...

A love that made sense of my own life's disdain...gave my pain in my marriage, my consistently beaten up heart, hope and belief in the possibility of something else more.  The complete knowledge that God's love, the way He intended love, isn't just a "Bible Story" but rather truly lives and breathes in the very ones I most adore.

How do you live without your soul mate?  

However could God take my Dad from my Mom?  

Why wouldn't He want them to continue loving one another forever?  

Didn't He see the great hope their love brought to everyone else around?

Why is the essential other half of the epitome of love on longer here?

My Mom's birthday is in 3 days...and the one thing, the only thing, she no longer here...

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Trevor Morse, Monday4 the Missing

Las Vegas, land of glitter, glitz, gambling and gluttony! The excitement runs 24 hours a day, and on the Strip you never know what time it is with lights blaring brightly and the sound of slot machines giving a big payoff. That is what most of us picture when we hear "Las Vegas"! Not all of Las Vegas is littered with gamblers and it has become a wonderful, suburban, affluent place for families to raise their children in one of the largest and best school systems in the nation.

2006 was the year that Trevor Morse moved to Las Vegas from his home town of El Paso, Texas to work for a major contractor as an electrician during a year where housing and building was a booming business across the country, especially in Las Vegas. It's reported that Trevor did well for himself there and lived in an upscale area of west Las Vegas. He was not unhappy, depressed or suicidal.

What happened to Trevor Morse on May 5, 2007 after he called a taxi, leaving his car, keys, wallet, cash and credit cards in his home?

Trevor's family has outlined Trevor's daily life in the months before his disappearance and it shows that he purchased furniture, registered for classes, bought books, even bought pet turtles and a new car. It shows the day before Trevor vanished he did laundry and paid his bills. This doesn't sound like someone planning to walk away from a life he seemed happy with, nor someone planning a suicide.

Trevor's family made the long trip from El Paso to join searches, expecting to find at least a corpse, and warned to expect the worst. Video of Trevor exiting the taxi was made available, showing him walking away, looking back once more and continuing along his way, the opposite of what the family was told by detectives. According to them, Trevor was shown on video wandering aimlessly around the desert. Just one of many inconsistancies the family would hear from authorities.

Unfortunately the family was unable to forge a working relationship with detectives assigned to the case and have not been kept informed of new developments. As often happens with missing adults, the cases are given a very low priority and tend to sit idle while families are daily sitting on the edge waiting for a clue.

Trevor's father, Rick Morse states:
Since our return to El Paso any communication with defective Marin LVMPD has been spotty at best with him rarely returning our calls (nearly weekly) and not returning any e-mail. I was informed by defective Marin of a RUMOR that started three months after Trevor went missing that he was in a rehab in California. After the defective imparted this there has been no further contact with him, even though I’ve tried to contact him several times a week!
The strength of family will get them through, but there will remain a gaping void in their lives until there is news of what has happened to Trevor Morse.

Vital Statistics at Time of Disappearance

  • Missing Since: May 5, 2007 from Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Classification: Missing
  • Date Of Birth: October 20, 1976
  • Age: 30
  • Height: 5'8"-5'10"
  • Weight: 165 lbs.
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Race: White
  • Gender: Male
  • Distinguishing Characteristics: Small crescent scar
    on chin from childhood. Recently underwent Lasik corrective,
    eye surgery. Light complexion.
  • Clothing: Usually wears muscle T-shirts, blue jeans,
    orange and black baseball cap with "Ford Mustang" on it.
  • Case Number: 070508-2842
  • NCIC Number: M-236504733
  •  Dentals: Not available

  • Investigating Agency
    If you have any information concerning this case, please contact:
    Las Vega Metro Police Department
    Detective Marin
    (707) 828-5678 

    Please join us at Peace4 the Missing
    Network and support for families of missing persons and victims of crime