Saturday, July 19, 2008


~LostFaces~ of the Missing: Today is my Birthday, Today I Vanished...

Please don't forget about Lisa Michelle Hatchell today, July 19th is both her birthday as well as the very day 5 years ago that she went missing.

Please go and read Lisa's story here! And VOTE yes to spread awareness help bring her HOME!

The vanishing: Hatchell was last seen at 54th and Warrington in West Philly.Five Years Gone

Army vet Lisa Michelle Hatchell is still missing. Her mother wants to know: Does anyone in Philadelphia care?

Read about the case for details............

Friday, July 18, 2008

Today is my Birthday, Today I Vanished...the story of Lisa Michelle Hatchell

Lisa Hatchell, Missing Mother

Lisa Hatchell's birthday is July 19. It also marks the 5 year anniversary of being missing. She has 2 small children and a grieving mother who need answers. Once again I am enlisting the help of all of you here to give up just a few minutes and make a phone call, write an email, hit up a friend in high places. I know a lot of you know people who can bring awareness to subjects that have just smoldered on the back burner of the internet and bring it to the main stream. Please lend your hand and make this happen, there isn't much time and....It's her Birthday!....

Read about the case for details............

July 19th marks both Lisa’s Birthday as well as the very date that she disappeared. Such a bittersweet day, I can only imagine, for all those who love her as they celebrate her birth while at the same time are constantly painfully aware of the day she went missing. In honor of Lisa, Peace 4 the Missing is dedicating July 19th as Lisa Michelle Hatchell Day.

Please leave a message of support, encouragement, prayers…for Lisa’s Mom and two Children who so miss her. Let’s surround them with our compassion and love especially on this most difficult day.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Campaign towards a National Missing & Unidentified Person's Day!

PLEASE go to the link below and sign the petition for a National Missing and Unidentified Persons Day!!! Spread the word of this petition link to everyone you know and post wherever you're able!


Petition for a Missing Persons Day Worldwide!

Also, please join as well as invite your contacts to join Peace 4 the Missing to strengthen our numbers towards accomplishing this as well as hopefully many to come great causes.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

We Need to Teach our Children how to stay SAFE

For decades, children were taught to stay away from "strangers." But this concept is difficult for children to grasp and often the perpetrator is someone the child knows. It is more beneficial to help build children's confidence and teach them to respond to a potentially dangerous situation, rather than teaching them to look out for a particular type of person.

NCMEC is the nation's resource center for protecting children. Our prevention and safety education programs and materials contain information and tips that will help you keep your children safer. The Just In Case... and Know the Rules publication series are especially important for parents and guardians.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My Dad is Coming Home!

I am a 33 year old Mother of 2, hardly a child anymore, much too big really to completely justify sitting in my Daddy's lap, but today I am 4 years old again, standing at the door with uncontrollable excitement, ready to bound outside at any moment and jump back into my Daddy's arms.

He has been "gone" for seemingly forever now, having spent nearly 6 weeks in the hospital, highly isolated from the majority of human contact, fighting to fight this monster called AML, Acute Mylenogeous Leukemia.

Friday, July 4, 2008

To Gift PEACE...only God can, but we can try...

The following are some of my reflections on this special place, a place for anyone of you as well, for you are most truly's a place called Peace 4 the Missing and it's easy to get to too...


No, we can't...

In my humble opinion and own life experience, only God can do that. And sometimes, even HIS peace is not one we are capable of truly comprehending nor accepting in this life on earth.

So, why are we here then, at Peace 4 the Missing? Why do we and why should we care?

Because, even if, God willing, we are "only" somehow able to bring about even one mere drop, the tiniest of sprinkle of a peaceful, even momentarily peaceful feeling to those forced to endure the anguishing pain of the missing, then it is worth it.

It is worth our efforts, it is not a waste of time nor energy. Because they, we all, desire, truly need even a temporary mere moment of peace-like relief...because a heart and soul can only take so much. Because we do care and its always better to try to do something loving than to do nothing at all.

Thank You all, you beautiful souls, angels my life has been touched by in this place. Thank You for being you, thank you for caring, thank you for making this world a tiny sprinkle of a drop better. Because, somehow, amidst all the pain, that truly does mean so much.

And thank you, most especially, all you brave, courageous souls of the missing, those very ones we are lead to want to feebly attempt to bring the merest amount of peace-like moments are the ones who have opened our eyes to this cause, the ones we so admire, the ones that despite their own agony, somehow, quite miraculously choose to reach out to others, to transform their own pain as a catapult to actively aide others reeling in the pain of having a loved one missing. You inspire us, you encourage us to do more and our lives are so much better due to you.

When Mommy is Missing

What’s a little mind to think?

To wake up one day and not see Mommy? To call for her and not have her come? To search for her and not find her? To dream of her only to wake up and realize that she’s no longer around?

For Mommy is so much a part of them. Not only did she give life to them, but she’s also such a vital part of their very existence.

We all should and need to take care extra special care of the little ones who for whatever reason are missing a Mommy. To comfort and care for their broken little hearts.

Many Prayers Needed 4 my Small Town

In this notoriously safe small town of mine, yesterday, right during a very LOUD thunderstorm, the jewelry store downtown was robbed, the owner as well as a 77 year old customer were both murdered, shot execution style in the back of the head, the robber or robbers have yet to be caught...

Here's a link to the story...

Hard to believe, the man was a saint, he had a big golden retriever that he brought in to work with him everyday, thus our frequent visits due to my daughters love affair with the dog...he was always so excited to see the girls, always remembered their names...such a terrible tragedy, hard to digest.

The girl in the photo and daughter of the store owner who found them, Stacey, is friend of mine, our daughters have played together numerous times and she lives just a few blocks from me...

I just wondered if maybe the internet could please help find these or this monster that committed this horrific crime.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Heaven's Newest Angel, Brooke Bennett

In light of the sickening tragedy of 12 year old Brooke Bennett...I am once again reminded of the essential importance of protecting our children from Predators. For as much as we desperately want to, we cannot turn back time...are unable to protect and save Brooke from all the horrific events that her innocent life was forced to endure. However, let us not let her persecution be in vain! My fervent prayer is that her story will become a catapult towards awareness and protection of many children on how best to keep them safe from the evil sickness of a Child Predator.

Body of missing 12-year-old Vermont girl is found

By LISA RATHKE – 12 hours ago

RANDOLPH, Vt. (AP) — Instead of gathering at a vigil to offer prayers for the safe return of a missing 12-year-old girl, residents found themselves mourning the news that her body had been found.

Police unearthed Brooke Bennett's body Wednesday from a makeshift grave about a mile from her uncle's house, ending a weeklong search for the subject of Vermont's first Amber Alert.

"Brooke Marie, I love you so much," her mother, Cassandra Gagnon, said at the gathering later in the picturesque town of a little more than 5,000. "I just ask that justice be done for the person who took my baby away," she said, sobbing.

The girl's father, James Bennett, added, "I know Brooke knows that we love her and will always love her."

As state police announced the grim news Wednesday evening, they said Michael Jacques, the girl's uncle and a convicted sex offender, will face federal kidnapping charges.

Bennett, who had just finished seventh grade at Randolph Union High School, disappeared on June 25 after being seen at a convenience store with Jacques.

Jacques, 42, has been in custody since Sunday on charges of aggravated sexual assault against a different underage girl. He has pleaded not guilty. Jacques has 1993 convictions for kidnapping and aggravated sexual assault.

After searching in and around his home across town for days, police said they found the girl's body in a spot where the earth had been disturbed.

"The painful discovery of Brooke's body today is tragic and heartbreaking," State Police Director Col. James Baker said. He called the death "clearly suspicious" but declined to give details before a planned briefing Thursday morning.

In an affidavit unsealed Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Burlington, the FBI said an unidentified 14-year-old girl told investigators she was present on June 25 when Jacques tricked Bennett into thinking she was going to a party and took her to his Randolph home to be initiated into a sex ring.

The teenager said she was led to believe Bennett "would have sex with adult males" during the initiation. The 14-year-old said she herself had been having sex with Jacques since she was 9, as part of the sex ring.

The teen said she and Bennett watched television for a while before Jacques told her to leave and took his niece upstairs. The witness said she left the house with her boyfriend and didn't see Bennett again.

In another blow to the family, Bennett's former stepfather, Raymond Gagnon, was formally charged Wednesday with obstructing justice in the case.

He entered no plea at the federal hearing and was denied bail pending another hearing on Monday. The 40-year-old Gagnon, who lives in Texas, was on a regular visit to Vermont when he was arrested.

According to the affidavit, Gagnon told police he accessed his former stepdaughter's MySpace page from a computer at his San Antonio home after getting login information from Jacques.

Police said they have evidence that postings to the account were altered to make it appear that the 12-year-old had discussed a secret rendezvous shortly before she disappeared.

On that day, Jacques dropped Bennett off at a convenience store, and surveillance video shows they left in separate directions. She had told family members she was going to meet a friend and visit a hospitalized relative of the friend.

At the vigil for Bennett in Randolph — a site that still featured big banners reading "Come Home, Brooke, We Love You!!" — Gary Finch, Bennett's homeroom and math teacher last year, said she was an energetic and enthusiastic learner whom he loved having in class.

"She was always volunteering, always with a smile on her face. Smart, creative. It's a tragedy. It's unbelievable. It's hard to comprehend. I didn't think anything like this would happen to such a great kid," said Finch, one of about 300 people who attended.

Finch said that when school started last fall, Bennett was nervous about transferring from her small elementary school to the high school.

"She conquered that," he said. "She didn't conquer this."