Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Protest Against Family Court System in Newark, NJ

Children are paying the price all over America for keeping the "family secrets" about their battered parent. All too often the courts can only make rulings based on documentation, but how can a woman who is locked inside her house being beaten and sometimes tortured make a report? Where is her documentation? Sometimes the only documentation she will get is an obituary!

Newark protesters rally against family court system for alleged bias against battered women

by Paul Brubaker/The Star-Ledger
Monday April 27, 2009, 6:55 PM

More than 50 people rallied in Newark for reform in the family court system with chants, protest signs and speeches alleging there is a national crisis of judges awarding child custody to violent, even sexually abusive, fathers.

But Essex County's top judge defended the local family courts as a meticulously careful system that acts in the best interests of children, even if it means terminating someone's parental rights.

Ed Murray/The Star-Ledger
A husband and wife sit in front of a Newark family court judge in 2003. Protesters today demonstrated in front of the Wilentz Justice Complex against judges awarding child custody to violent and/or sexually abusive fathers.
In front of the Wilentz Justice Complex on Washington Street, which houses Essex County's family courts, speakers targeted the system as being biased against battered women and holding archaic attitudes that domestic violence and sexual abuse were private problems.

"A mother's basic instinct is to protect her children. She should not be punished for it," said Maretta Short of East Orange, president of the state's chapter of the National Organization for Women.

"In the last 30 years, every institution in this society has changed its views toward domestic violence," said Evan Stark, a professor at Rutgers University's School of Public Affairs and Administration. "Only in the family court do the obsolete beliefs that were discredited everywhere else in society still prevail."

Stark said part of the problem is that state laws require judges to detail their decisions for not awarding child custody to an abusive parent. The result is that judges avoid the issue by not admitting evidence of domestic abuse into the hearings, Stark said.

Later, Superior Court Assignment Judge Patricia Costello disputed Stark's assessment of family court judges.

"They don't punt on the tough issues to avoid tough decisions," Costello said. "They make tough decisions. When the parents can't decide who raises the children, the judge makes the call."

All judges are bound by the rules of evidence and their rulings must be based on careful consideration and backed by detailed documentation, the judge said. All the while, the family court judge must remain dispassionate during proceedings that are often highly emotional, she added.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

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Monday, April 27, 2009

Samantha Nicole Burns, Monday4 the Missing

written by: Angie Gilchrist

On April 23rd most of us got out of bed and continued on with our daily routine in life..To most of us this day holds no real significance...To us it is just another day..But to the Burns family this is suppose to be a day of celebration of life to a young lady Samantha Burns who should have been turning 26 on this day..Two young men took this day of happiness away from from Samantha and her family forever and changed the lives of many people.

On November 11th 2002 Samantha was last seen by her aunt at 6:30pm at the Huntington Mall in WV. Samantha was carjacked by two escapees, Chadrick Fulks and Brandon Basham. She was raped and then murdered by these two evil spawns and discarded like she was a piece of trash. Basham and Fulks burned her car and headed south on a multi-state crime spree..On November 12th Samantha's car was found in Wayne county burned..Many searches for samantha have been done and turned up empty..Still no Samantha even now after almost seven years.

Recent searches were done for Samantha back in March of this year 2009 by Monica Caison and her organization CUE but those searches to turned up fruitless.

A beautiful young lady of 19, a student at Marshall University, her whole life ahead of her tragically taken all because two evil men somehow managed to escape a detention center with sheets and blankets through an unfinished fence.

These two men, Fulks and Basham, were sentenced to life in prision for carjacking and the death of Samantha. But they remain on deathrow for the carjacking and death of another woman named Alice Donovan from Horry County, South Carolina.

As I am sure that John and Kandi Burns have accepted the loss of their daughter Samantha. But to not be able to go to her grave site on her birthday and lay flowers in remembrance of their daughter's birthday and know that she is layed to rest properly is probably something that they struggle with every year. I know I do.

Samantha Burns is sadly missed by many people that did not know her. And she has touched the lives of many strangers..

Happy Birthday Samantha and one day I hope that you are found and layed to rest the way you so rightfully deserve to be..

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Amber Hageman, Justice Coming

Most people are acutely aware of the Amber Alert and what it does for bringing quick responses for missing children, but many may not remember the case or the child for which the system was named.

Amber Hagerman was abducted and murdered in Arlington, TX.  She was quickly abducted by a man who jumped out of a truck, grabbed her and drove off.  She was found 4 days later in a creek bed, just tossed away like trash.  Her abductor and murderer has never been found nor charged and her case has never been solved.

In order to bring about more stringent laws concerning sex offenders, her parents, along with other notable people such as Marc Klaas, were able to create the national sex offender registry and eventually the "Amber Alert" system. 

In the news there is a newly created comic book written by a young 14 year old that is bringing Amber's case back into the limelight and hopefully a resolution.  The efforts of Sheryl McCollum, Director of Cold Case Investigative Research Institute, and her students will quite possibly shed new light and give answers to Amber's family.

Shana Franklin, The 33 News

April 20, 2009
"Amber Hagerman Deserves Justice".  It is the name of a newly released comic book and the desire of it's 14 year old author, Jake Tinsley.  He says, "I hope the sick freak who did this gets caught."

That's why the Keller 8th grader has dedicated his 6th comic book to helping find the killer of Amber Hagerman.  The 9 year old girl disappeared in 1996 while riding her bicycle near her grandparents' home in Arlington.  Her body was found days later.  Amber's Mom, Donna Norris, says, "It's been 13 years since my daughter has been abducted and murdered.  I do not want people to forget who Amber is, who she was and what kind of little girl she was."

Donna Norris holds out strong hope for the comic book, which was announced today outside her Hurst home.  It coincided with another announcement.  A group of college students, headquartered out of Bauder College in Atlanta, is taking a year-long look at the case.  Part of the Cold Case Investigative Research Institute.  Institute director, Sheryl McCollum, says, "The institute started in 2005, taking on unsolved homicide or missing persons cases, trying to take a new look at em, a fresh look."

The Institute has investigated seven cases to date, including Natalie Holloway's and Chandra Levy's.  Alongside experts, 150 students will all but recreate Amber's case, including putting together a timeline.  In a year, it will give law enforcement any helpful findings.  In the meantime it gives Donna Norris hope.  She says, "The person that butchered her he's still out there walking around and I want justice for my daughter deeply I really do."

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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Travis Lee Baker, Monday4 the Missing


No Where to Turn for Family of Missing Son

Travis Baker’s case joins the rising number of missing person cold cases

Wilmington, N.C. – the family of Travis Baker once again dread the upcoming date of April 16th,
As it remains a constant reminder of their son and him vanishing without a trace.
Travis Lee Baker was last seen in Catawba County in North Carolina on April 16, 2007; neither Travis nor his candy apple red 1998 camero, NC tag number WRP8627 has been recovered. Mr. Baker has three tattoos, his last name in capital letters across his back, the name “Hallie” on his chest and red & black tribal band on his upper left and right arm. Travis has a 2 inch scar on his left upper thigh from a sport injury.

Since his disappearance many rumors and speculation have invaded the small town community of Catawba County, one being Travis was involved in a drug deal gone bad which may have lead to his becoming a missing person; although the proof of this fact is nothing more than hearsay. “I do not think what a person was or was not doing should give anyone the right to hurt or murder a person”, said Dwayne Baker, the father of Travis. “All children will makes mistakes and are guilty of making bad decisions in life, Travis was nineteen years old and was still growing up”, he would have never fallen far from his roots and values instilled by his loved ones”, Mr. Baker added.

“Families of the missing are the victims of various crimes and should be treated as such; they have the right to be informed of their case progress and be treated with empathy”, said Monica Caison, CUE’s founder. Recently information surfaced of human remains that were found in Charlotte, N.C. last December; the family of Travis Baker has made inquiries to officials and the media to only be told when they find out, the family will be notified. After waiting four long months Dwayne Baker inquired himself and found out that his son was excluded in the first week of the discovery. “It’s frustrating that we, the families of the missing have to work on our own to get answers, we are the ones out here that cannot sleep and worry every minute of the day”, Mr. Baker said.

The family and friends of the missing youth have conducted public events in hope that a tip would be called in and have conducted searches in an effort to aid local authorities; in addition to keep focused they have attending conferences for the missing to be empowered in their journey and have took a leap further in obtaining training and attending searches for other missing persons, even traveling out of state.

Just this past January Dwayne Baker answered the call for a search conducted by the CUE Center for Missing Persons in collaboration with many levels of law officials in South Carolina for Alice Donovan, a woman who was car jacked and murdered in 2006 by two Kentucky escaped prisoners. Mr. Baker was involved in the search effort that discovered her remains. “To keep my sanity, I try to give back, it’s the right thing to do”, said Dwayne Baker. We all have the right as American citizens, my son and I both have rights and I will continue to exercise them and for the victims who have no voice.

Just this week, another set back for the Baker family as they learned that no entry was made for their son Travis into CODIS, a Texas lab that handles the nations DNA process for missing persons. Over a year ago the inquiry was made on this matter to officials and he was informed Travis was entered, but he is not, “I will move forward to make sure my son has every advantage for what is available to identify him and or locate him”, Mr. Baker said. Today’s technology such as CODIS is free to law officials across the country and set in place for the victims and should be utilized, said CUE’s founder, Monica Caison.

On April 16 the family and friends of Travis Baker marked two years since he vanished.  We join them in remembering and offer our support and prayers that Travis will be found soon and put an end to their daily trials.

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Friday, April 17, 2009

Shooting Victim Filed For Order Of Protection

Mia Reid, the 31-year-old woman shot and killed early Saturday in her Scotlandville apartment, had taken careful steps in the past month to extract herself from an abusive relationship with her ex-fiancé, friends and relatives said Saturday.

At the end of July, Reid and her 10-year-old daughter moved out of the apartment near Siegen Lane they shared with Frederick Dominique Reed, to a new home in north Baton Rouge, said Meghan Greene, the victim’s friend since high school.

“She had made up her mind — she was moving on,” Greene said. “She got an apartment and didn’t tell him where she was moving. He must have followed her.”

Read the rest of the article HERE

This is a plea from a friend of Mia's family:

Hello to all of my loved ones,

I am writing this email in hopes of your support on a very important matter that plagues our community. Domestic Violence.

I attended high school with a young lady by the name of Mia Reid, who was killed by her ex fiance' in the early morning hours in front of her 10 yr old daughter.

Mia spent most of her life in Ga., but the unfortunate event happened in Baton Rouge, La.
I am begging that this email gets forwarded to anyone you know in the Louisiana area. Here is what Mia's mother wrote on "Justice For Mia" petition site.

"If you can, please attend the court proceedings on May 19th @ 10am in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. This is to replace the court date which was cancelled March 25th. Mia's murderer's family fills up the courtroom; they are taking advantage of the fact that Mia's family lives in Georgia. The lack of any family and friends in the courtroom makes a sad statement to the judge, the prosecutor and to the murderer and his family. It maybe the reason the judge was willing to allow him to go free while he awaits his trial. Perhaps the judge thought that no one cares. "

Maybe if this gets around to the right hands, Mia will have many supporters who are not going to allow this injustice to continue. Please forward to activist groups and supporters for families against domestic violence.

Here is a picture of Mia and her daughter in happier times, along with the article outlining her untimely death. What if this was your daughter, sister, friend, niece, granddaughter, or Would you want the word out?

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

As the world worries, the "three chicks" of Justice Interrupted work to bring home Tomas Betsis-Dunstan

Breaking News...the grateful mother of Tomas Betsis-Dunstan welcomes home her beloved son and thanks the three incredible women of Justice Interrupted who fought to make it happen.

On April 4, 2009, 10-year old Tomas Betsis-Dunstan from Pacific Palisades, was forcefully taken in what 5 witnesses saay was a choke hold from his school by his father George Betsis and Australian businessman. The couple never married but there was long custody battle between the couple.

In addition, there is an ongoing investigation by Los Angeles child protective services are sexual in nature. Considering the imminent danger to Priscilla Dunston's own life the Los Angeles police department are refusing to do their jobs and issure a warrant. This includes the less than dynamic team within the Los Angeles County District Attorney Karen Strickland, who in my professional opinion is treating this case without importance to the life of 10-year of Tomas and his mother. If George Betsis planned and hired a private investigator for several months prior to abducting his son, Priscillia Dunston's life is in danger. This is classic domestic violence 101 and Damn the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office for refusing to do their job. Did they not learn from the murder of another victim, gunned down by her husband in January of 2008. Will they wait until blood starts dripping? And where is Steve Cooley hiding, under his official desk? Or is waiting for bloodshed before he writes an inter office memo to cover his Distrist Attorney behind?

Similar to the Jack and Duncan Connolly both taken during a visitation by their father who subsequently murdered the two young boys, the mother was not believed. The police as in this case allowed precious time to pass before finally releasing a missing person's number No. NR09175KS. But yet no amber alert.

In an interview airing early this morning Austrilia Time the father makes his case on television with this interview on the a curent affair exclusive. George Betsis is hiding out somplace an apartment in the Santa Monica, California area.

We will cover this case on Justice Interrupted Investigates, Tuesday, April 14, 2009 at 10:00 PM Central Standard Time. Also Marc Klass, Mark Geregos and Robin Sax will be on Nancy Grace's show at 7:00PM CST to discuss the issues that a parent faces when in a relationship and is unable to get police assitance or justice in the safe return of their children.

Justice Interrupted

Providing justice for those whose lives have been interrupted by rape, murder, sexual predators of children, strange and unexplained disappearances, domestic violence, and cold cases yet to be solved.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Breaking News! Tomas Betsis-Dunstan Kidnapping

10 year old Tomas Betsis-Dunstan, son of famed baby expert, Priscilla Dunstan, has been retrieved from his father, George Betsis, who forcefully abducted him from his elementary school on April 4.

Susan Murphy Milano wrote about this on her blog, MurphyMilano Journal and featured an interview with Pricilla Dunstan on Justice Interrupted, which she co-hosts on Tuesday evenings to bring awareness to the facts of the case.

Susan brought the point home to readers and listeners alike that this was NOT a simple case of a father taking his child for unscheduled visitation, but that George Betsis knowingly planned this for months prior to carrying out his plan and took his son down with a chokehold while removing him from school. To Susan, an expert relationship strategist, this was clearly a case of prior domestic violence and control of an abusive partner.

Pricilla Dunstan was getting nowhere with police, no Amber Alert was issued for Tomas, and Los Angeles District Attorney's office and the L.A.P.D. were not taking this dangerous and life threatening situation as seriously as it was. Quietly working behind the scenes, Susan Murphy Milano was able to connect many dots, put pressure where it was needed and shined a light on the facts before any further tragedy happened in the life of 10 year old Tom.

It's reported that there was an ongoing investigation by child protective services of a sexual nature, and we can only hope that Tom will come away from this trauma and with the help of his mother, find adequate help to deal with things a 10 year old should never have to deal with.

As of this writing, George Betsis is still on the loose. It is the fervent wish of all involved that he be held accountable for what he has done to his own son, causing him much pain, and that he be never in the position to ever do harm to a child again.

In her books, "Defending Our Lives" and "Moving Out, Moving On" and soon to be released, "Time's Up!", Susan lays out strategies and safety plans for women and children caught in the line of fire of an abuser. By using her own methods she has been instrumental in helping Tomas not become another statistic or another news headline.

Look for Susan’s upcoming book, “Time’s Up; A Guide on How to Leave and Survive Abusive and Stalking Relationships” to be released Summer of 2009.  

Check the time, it’s UP, do not hesitate to claim your ticket towards a lifetime of freedom from of abuse and visit Susan’s site  for lifesaving advice, inspiration and clear directions , including her vital and impacting, currently available resource, “Moving out, Moving on.”

The Susan Murphy Milano Show airs each Wednesday afternoon at 4pm EST, a must hear source for all those affected by the painful cruelty of a life abused.

Sara Huizenga
Peki Jones

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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Branson Perry, Monday4 the Missing

So much has happened since Branson Perry vanished  on April 11, 2001.  His younger brother graduated and is now living on his own, his father passed away in 2004, and now his mother, Becky, has been diagnosed with cancer and yet still no word from Branson and no answers to where he might be.
Family Of Missing Man Looking For Answers
Branson Perry went missing on April 11, 2001, and his family has been looking for answers ever since. Branson's family says that day, he and a friend were cleaning the family's home in preparation for his father's return from the hospital.

In the middle of tidying up the house, Branson told his friend he was going to put a pair of jumper cables in the family's shed and that he'd be right back.

That was the last time anyone saw him.

Initially, in the days that followed Branson's disappearance, his family says the jumper cables were missing from the shed.
But according to family members, the cables mysteriously re-appeared several days             later.

In February 2009, police hoped to break the case using playing cards. Prison inmates were given decks of cards featuring the faces of fugitives, missing persons and unsolved homicides in hopes that it jogs the memory of an inmate that could lead to information to recover the missing person.

Branson's face is featured on the six of clubs. These decks of cards have been distributed to prisons throughout Missouri.

Police are actively looking for leads in the case.

Branson's family just wants answers and hopes that someone out there can give them the help they're looking for.

From recent press release from CUE Center for Missing Persons:
Now time is even more important for answers concerning Branson and his location;his mother recently visited a local emergency room after a minor fall at her residence;doctors located and successfully removed a tumor on her brain on March 25, 2009,with that came the diagnoses of cancer found in other areas of her body. “My wish is that Branson is located soon, I know in spirit he will take this journey with me”, said
Becky Klino, Branson’s mother. “I feel him close”, she added.

Vital Statistics at Time of Disappearance

  • Missing Since: April 11, 2001 from Skidmore, Missouri

  • Classification: Endangered Missing

  • Date Of Birth: February 24, 1981

  • Age: 20

  • Height: 5'9"-5'10"

  • Weight: 140-155 lbs.

  • Hair Color: Blond

  • Eye Color: Blue

  • Race: White

  • Gender: Male

  • Distinguishing Characteristics: Small faint scar on upper
    right cheek. Small scar on left knee. Normal teeth; wisdom teeth
    have been pulled. Right handed. Black belt in Hopkido, lifted weights.

  • Medical Conditions: Racing heart condition. Allergic to Penicillin.

  • Clothing: Shorts (size 32) and a T-shirt (size medium to large).

  • Jewelry: Possibly wearing necklaces and leather trinkets
    or chains with arrowheads on them. 

  • NCIC Number: M-061492631 

  • Case Number: 010201

  • DNA: in CODIS

  • Please join us at Peace4 the Missing
    Network and support for families of missing persons and victims of crime.

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    Thursday, April 9, 2009

    How Effective Is GPS Monitoring For Victims of Domestic Violence?

    Susan Murphy Milano blogged about the case of alleged double-murderer Derrick Yancey, former police officer charged with killing his wife and a day laborer. She often writes about the perils that wives of officers face when trying to end a relationship, and often, with nowhere to turn, wind up dead.

    Such was the case for Linda Yancey not long after she made mistake number one, announcing her intentions. There are several things that must be done when leaving a dangerous relationship and Susan lays it out in her books, "Defending Our Lives" and "Moving Out, Moving On" which includes a workbook format. It is imperative that these women follow strict safety plans, but unfortunately, Linda Yancey didn't know about it, as well as thousands of other domestic violence victims who will wind up with the same fate.

    Last week it was reported that Derrick Yancey, who is out on bond had escaped from his GPS bracelet and escaped his house arrest. The shocking thing about this is that it took 11 hours before the chain of command from the monitoring company to officials was completed and a manhunt began! How far can you get in 11 hours? If you have transportation, you could get half way across the country!

    Many survivors of domestic violence are depending on GPS monitoring to keep themselves and their children alive. These offenders, in most cases, will not give up the hunt and want to regain the control they lost while in prison or jail. GPS is, for now, one of the most valuable tools a victim has to know where that offender is lurking. But how good is the technology when the company that is hired to monitor falls asleep at the wheel?

    An article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution today explains the turn of events and how that chain of command broke down in the early hours of the morning as Derrick Yancey slipped out of his GPS and took off to parts unknown.

    From the looks of the article there is a lot of blame to go around for this bumble, starting with the monitoring company and delays all the way to the top.

    More than four hours passed from the time an alarm beeped from Yancey’s ankle monitor at 5:41 a.m. Saturday to the time authorities made their first attempts to determine Yancey’s whereabouts, according to the statement from Chief Magistrate Judge Winston Bethel, who oversees DeKalb’s Pretrial Services.

    A phone message from the private monitoring firm to the company overseeing Yancey’s home arrest was not picked up until three hours later. Another hour passed before that company notified Pretrial Services, and it took 10 hours for court officials to notify the Sheriff’s Office that Yancey had fled.

    The people responsible for monitoring Yancey never reached him by phone, according to a timeline released with the report.

    If Derrick Yancey is roaming around your neighborhood tonight, armed and dangerous, or if he decides to murder someone else, where should the blame fall? This man needs to be apprehended soon, although the object of his rage is already dead, he needs to be brought to justice in her honor.

    GPS is not always a false hope for abused and battered women, sometimes it's the only hope!

    Look for Susan’s upcoming book, “Time’s Up; A Guide on How to Leave and Survive Abusive and Stalking Relationships” to be released Summer of 2009.  

    Check the time, it’s UP, do not hesitate to claim your ticket towards a lifetime of freedom from of abuse and visit Susan’s site  for lifesaving advice, inspiration and clear directions , including her vital and impacting, currently available resource, “Moving out, Moving on.”

    The Susan Murphy Milano Show airs each Wednesday afternoon at 4pm EST, a must hear source for all those affected by the painful cruelty of a life abused.

    Sara Huizenga
    Peki Jones

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    Just imagine your publicity dream...we can do that

    Susan Murphy Milano
    Expert Relationship Strategist, Author, Speaker, Advocate


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    Maggie’s Rose
    an Upscale Twist on bloomin’ hats and bands

    Dathan A. Paterno, Psy.D., Clinical Director
    Author, Speaker, Psychologist

    Monday, April 6, 2009

    Women in Crime Ink: Clear and Present Danger

    Women in Crime Ink: Clear and Present Danger

    by Susan Murphy Milano

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    Online orgs that are pros at mobilizing awareness online


    GetActive, NetSquared and Squidoo partner up to bring you this list of the 59 smartest nonprofit organizations online today.

    These charities were chosen for their excellence in online storytelling and collaboration with their donors. We didn't play favorites to one cause over another, nor did we look at their fundraising goals or number of members. Instead, these organizations are winners because of their web 2.0 smarts and a willingness to engage their constituents far beyond asking them to dig into their pockets.

    These are organizations that give their volunteers and members a voice and get out of the way. They're pros at mobilizing awareness online. They're experimentors. Innovators. On a mission.They're fearless.


    The best of 2006!

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    This Weeks Monday4 the Missing, Please Repost

    Due to the fact that we had so many occurances in April, we decided to combine two missing persons to honor this Monday. Jason Scott Adkins would have celebrated his birthday on April 1 and Dr. Jarrett Burton has been missing since April 4, 2007. We would like to pay tribute to both of these men in hopes that someone, somewhere will see their pictures and information and come forth to their families.

    Jason Scott Adkins

    Jason Scott Adkins was fishing on the Ohio River with his brother on Jan. 17, 1999 when the boat he was in had engine failure. Around this same time frame, a barge passing by caused a series of large waves in the river where the men were fishing, and caused the boat to capsize. Only one of the brothers inside the boat with Jason Scott Adkins made it out of the boat and went to call for help.

    As search and rescue crews arrived, they reported it appeared as if someone had exited the water in a certain area that was different from where the sole survivor would've left the wreckage. Police asked the family was it a possibility that Jason Scott Adkins could've faked his death because he owed back child support. Both his estranged wife and family do not believe Jason Scott Adkins faked his death that fateful day because he only was $200 behind on child support. There has also never been any trace of Jason Scott Adkins' body if he did indeed perish in the boating accident.

    His family is turning to the public for answers in helping solve this mystery surrounding Jason's disappearance.

    If you have any information regarding the whereabouts or disappearance of Jason Scott Adkins, you are asked to please contact the Huntington Police Department @

    You may also contact the family directly by emailing them @ JasonScottAdkins@Yahoo.Com.

    You may remain anonymous if needed. Please help us find out what happened to Jason Scott Adkins that fateful day.

    Full Name: Jason Scott Adkins
    Age: 23
    Height: 5'9
    Weight: 160-170 lbs.
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Blue
    Birthdate: April 1, 1975
    Missing From: Huntington WV
    Case #: 99-0614
    NCIC# M-184143434
    Date of Disappearance: Jan. 17, 1999
    Last Seen Wearing: A brown leather jacket, coveralls, blue jeans and Nike tennis shoes

    Dr Jarrett Burton

  • Missing Since: April 4, 2007 from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

  • Classification: Endangered Missing
  • Date Of Birth: November 21, 1948
  • Age: 58
  • Height: 6'0"
  • Weight: 190 lbs
  • Hair Color: Gray (Salt and Pepper)
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Race: Black
  • Gender: Male
  • Distinguishing Characteristics: Scar at base of throat,
    scar on right pointer finger, freckle on nose,
    previously fractured left arm. Glasses with wire frames
  • Medical Conditions: Bipolar and suffers from manic depression
  • Clothing: Light colored ripped dress shirt, beige dress
    pants, black shoes.
  • Case Number: 20071412
  • NCIC Number: M-186444159 .

  • According to reports, Dr. Burton suffered from bi-polar disorder and had not been taking his medicine at the time of his disappearance. Dr. Burton has a son, a sister and an elderly father who would desparately like to have word about him.

    If you know anything about the vanishing of Jason Adkins or Dr. Jarrett Burton, please come forward, give these families answers and peace of mind.

    Sunday, April 5, 2009

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