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Which of these Suspects Murdered Lacey Claire Gaines?

Lacey Claire Gaines Case: The Suspects Posted on April 13th, 2010 by Valhall 

Who stole Conor's Mommy?
Sometime between 3 pm and 7 pm on December 7, 2009, Lacey Claire Gaines was murdered.  Since the autopsy has not been released we do not know exactly how she was murdered.  An electrical cord was around her neck and she was found with a 4 inch gash across her throat.  There was also a small nick reportedly observed on her left shoulder – possibly from the path of the knife as her throat was cut.  Lacey’s throat was cut with a knife from her own kitchen.  Lacey loved to cook.  She is reported to have been found fully clothed with no defensive wounds on her body.  Lacey was not small in stature, and she was fiesty.  The lack of defensive wounds has led to the suspicion the murderer was some one she knew who possibly engaged her conversation before initiating a blitz attack.  There have been rumors her hands were bagged, but that has not been confirmed.

As covered before “Daniel” Sanchez, whose real name is Regelio Sanchez (aka Regelio Alvarado-Sanchez) had abused Lacey in their relationship and continued to threaten and harass her after she left him.  In addition to the beating in the parking lot at Lacey’s grandfather’s funeral, an instance previously discussed, Lacey confided in her friends of other abuses.  After Conor was born Lacey began to share with her good friend Julien instances of Daniel fighting with her and confided he had strangled her.  She also mentioned “scrapes on her neck” in these communications with Julien.  (Bear in mind that English is Julien’s second language so for some things we have to take into account loss of accuracy in conveying statements he recalls.)  Were these scrapes from being choked?  Were they scrapes from a knife?  These questions may remain unanswered for all time.  Julien had urged Lacey to leave Daniel and go home to her parents, but Lacey told him she and her mother’s relationship was strained at the time.

In addition to Julien being told of the abuse, Lacey’s friend Josh Vinson saw the evidence of abuse himself.  Josh recalls several occasions where he would witness bruises and black eyes on Lacey when she visited with him.  At one point Lacey even fled to Josh’s house when she had had all she could take.  Lacey would eventually go, for a short time, to a shelter and did permanently move out of the relationship with Daniel.

In November 2008, just before their planned Wedding, Daniel pushed Lacey’s head through a wall and strangled her until she passed out.  He was allegedly pulled off of her by his brother “Abraham”.  Lacey ended the relationship.  What is unknown by this writer at this time are the answers to the following questions:

*  Were they still living in the house Lacey’s parents have provided for them when this incident occurred?

*  If so, when the relationship ended who remained in the house?  Did either of them?  Was Lacey forced to leave by Daniel or was she successful in forcing Daniel to leave?
Regelio “Daniel” Sanchez is reportedly from Mexico.  It is unknown if he is in the country legally but the suspicion is that he is not.

At some unknown date (possibly the end of 2008 or beginning of 2009) Lacey began a relationship with Juan Valadez.  In at least one communication Lacey had with a confidant in February 2009 she shared that Juan could testify to “all the times he has seen me beaten up”.  This would lead us to believe that Juan and Lacey had known each other for sometime prior to the end of the relationship between Lacey and Daniel.

In February 2009 Lacey had become fearful of her life and Conor’s.  Daniel had begun to send threatening text messages.  Lacey was now living with Juan Valadez in Chicago.  Juan and Lacey filed a report with the Chicago police over the threats.  There are allegedly police reports at the Crete, Illinois police department which include phone traps.  At some point, either before or after the police report was filed by Lacey and Juan, Daniel stole Lacey’s mail and started making phone calls to contact numbers he found on that mail.  Also during this time Lacey shared with a friend that Daniel shot at his ex-wife’s new boyfriend in Hanover Park or Schaumberg.

As previously discussed, in March 2009 is when Daniel filed a petition for parentage.  That case remained unresolved at the time of Lacey’s murder in December due to Daniel apparently not appearing for the September 2009 hearing.  Some people claim Daniel began to pay child support after this hearing, but that has not been confirmed.

Very little is known about Juan Valadez.  Rumors have it that he and Lacey had actually married, but there has been no official document produced substantiating that.  As shared earlier, when Lacey last spoke with Julien by phone just 3 days before her murder she stated neither she or Juan were ready to get married, so this would lead one to believe they had not yet done so.  However, at the same time, Lacey had begun using the name Lacey Valadez on emails, etc.  Juan, like Daniel, is from Mexico and, again, it is unclear if he is in the U.S. legally.

Juan had exhibited jealousy over the short course of their relationship.  But there is no evidence he ever got violent or abusive over his jealousy.  What little we do know on this comes from Julien.  It appears Juan’s primary points of jealousy had to do with the men Lacey had to work around in her two jobs – which Julien states were at an “agency” and in a bar.  Apparently, according to Julien, the main point of Juan’s jealousy concerning Lacey’s work at “the agency” was that there were several other Hispanic men working in that “agency” who would flirt with, or otherwise act inappropriately with Lacey.

During Lacey and Juan’s relationship, Lacey shared with her friend Josh that Juan had a “crazy ex-girlfriend”.  At least one friend states that Lacey had told of this “crazy ex-girlfriend” calling both her and Juan’s phones repeatedly and them having to get their numbers changed because of it.

Apparently at some unidentified time in the relatinship this ex-girlfriend had “come around”.  Not only that but other friends state there was a rumor that when she “came around” it was because she was pregnant…and the implication would be, by Juan.  There is even an extremely unsubstantiated rumor that when this whole “ex-girlfriend is pregnant” rumored incident happened, that Lacey may have returned to Daniel for 2 or 3 days – but most of Lacey’s friends reject that rumor stating they just cannot see Lacey ever returning to Daniel.

To clear up what this “agency” was that Julien states Lacey was working for (keeping in mind this word is used by Julien and we get into translation errors) it was the management office of the house of ill-repute apartments Lacey and Juan were living in at the time of her murder – the Sunset Lake Apartments in Justice, Illinois.  Lacey had a job as a manager in that office.  The “other Hispanic men” who Juan would get very jealous of due to their flirting with Lacey were the maintenance men at the apartments.  It should be noted Juan was also working as a maintenance man at the apartments.

The reason this is important to point out is because of the rumor that lives at the Sunset Lake Apartment about who killed Lacey Gaines.  That rumor is that it was a maintenance man.  And that could be any maintenance man according to at least one review of the Sunset Lake apartments left on an apartment review site:

Or may be this online review:
Bernita – 01/30/10
oh and lets not forget the murder that occured almost 2 months ago. A young lady was killed in her own apartment by the maintenance man……
So who killed Lacey Claire Gaines?  Was it Regelio “Daniel” Sanchez?  Could it have been him and his brother Abraham?  Did Daniel finally decide to get rid of Lacey in order to get some form of custody of Conor?  Could this be because Daniel is NOT in this country legally and needs an “anchor baby” to establish a reason to be able to stay?

Was it Juan?  Had he become enraged due to jealousy over the situation with the apartment staff?  While there had been no reported instances of Juan being abusive – in fact, Lacy described to friends that he loved her and respected her – could he have let his jealousy take him over?

Was it Juan’s “crazy ex-girlfriend”?  Was she really pregnant?  Had she been stalking and harassing Lacey and Juan attempting to get Juan back and decided to eliminate the woman in her way?
Or was it one of ANY “drug dealing” maintenance men at the apartment?  All of whom allegedly have “keys to any apartment”?

We will next visit the situation with the investigation and see if there has been anything of value that could answer these questions.

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