Monday, July 12, 2010

If you care at all about the Missing, You WILL do this Now

We have within our ability the opportunity to pass a LAW that will have a revolutionary positive impact upon the lives of all Missing Persons, their Loved Ones and all those at all involved and/or potentially involved (which is everyone on the planet, btw - ;) with this issue.

The truth is ... EVERYTHING else that you could do, are doing and/or may someday accomplish for ANY missing person within the United States of America directly hinges upon and would be significantly improved by passage of The Help Find the Missing Act (ie. Billy's Law) ...

Time is URGENT, we ALL must contribute to, spread awareness of and spend some of our time dedicated towards THIS issue ... NOW is the time to put it on the forefront of your "To Do's" and MAKE IT HAPPEN ... Tomorrow WILL BE too late ... There is absolutely no excuse whatsoever for anyone with a passion and heart for the missing to not do so ...

Tell the United States Judiciary Committee Senators to pass Billy's Law (S3019) NOW! ~ Sample Letter Here!

Okay so ... how do we do this?

It's simple ... honestly ... SIMPLE!

Here's the plan ...

1. Copy/Paste this letter located HERE
2. Go HERE to find contact info for Senators on the United States Judicial Committee
3. Fill out the form on each of their individual websites (copy/paste the letter in the remarks area) and click send ...

That's it ...

Honestly, 3 simple steps and you've changed the world ... just think of how well you'll sleep tonight and feel in general after doing so.

Who wouldn't want to be a part of enriching the future of America and positively impacting our countries history.

Well, here's your chance to do so ... don't miss out ... ACT Now.

And thank you for doing so ... xoxo

Please join us at Peace4 the Missing
Missing Persons Awareness and Support Network

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