Sunday, August 1, 2010

Missing Persons; Family, Advocates and Concerned Citizens - this is FOR and ABOUT each of You!

Taking steps to cover all bases is always the wisest move to make.  And especially when it comes to finding the missing - you just can't do "too much".

Dot the i's, Cross the t's, Double Check the list, Make Certain that no Stone is left Unturned.

It is extremely important that each Missing Person has on file DNA information, Dental Records, etc. - the chances of connecting the Unidentified to a Person who is Missing is nearly impossible without this information.

Below you will find the ABSOLUTELY MUST DO Missing Persons Checklist to significantly increase the odds of Finding a Missing Loved One.

  • If you have a missing loved one -- get them listed in NamUs as soon as possible. You can ask LE to do it -- or do it yourself.

  • Then your case becomes eligible for many NO COST services.
  • The family are the main push behind making sure you have more than one family reference sample. The they must make sure that it did indeed go into CODIS.
  • Do fingerprints exist? Are they in NamUs? Can you get them?
  • Do dental records exist? Are they in NamUs? Can you get them?
  • Volunteer orgs. The unidentified are often left behind. Do you know of cases that are not yet in the public eye? Can you contact your local LE, ME or coroner and ask that they get the case into NamUs? Then they too have the benefit of these free services. Go to to see if your ME / Coroner system is using NamUs. If not - maybe you can let them know what they are missing out on?
  • UNT has formed a Forensic Service Unit at that offer a variety of NO COST services. The DNA is FREE! Dental services are FREE! Forensic artwork is FREE!

Doing so does not mean that you are giving up hope of finding someone alive, rather it is doing all that you are able to, in the very best way that you are able to make sure that they, no matter what, Come Home.

Please join us at Peace4 the Missing 
Missing Persons Awareness and Support Network

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