Saturday, January 1, 2011

Families of the Missing: The Time has come for You to Take Back Your POWER

To our precious, much loved Families of the Missing: You do not have the Luxury of Ignoring This Post ... this message is specifically for your eyes and you NEED to hear it.

For unless YOU, The Families, actively support the efforts of hope that you've been given ... you cannot expect others to get on board with it and make it work either ...

You have the opportunity to make a success ... you, the families with missing loved ones, have within your power to make Billy's Law happen ... and it is only in YOUR VERY BEST INTERESTS that they do ... for there are none others so directly effected by their success than you, the families of missing loved ones, are ...

The ugly reality however is that somewhere along the way, many of your voices have been silenced ... you yourselves have told us on your platform, Peace4 the Missing, the tragedy behind this fact ... and we in response have also become truly outraged to know for a fact how often our families have been and are preyed upon by self-seeking others.

And for much too long, the cruelty that the world has shown you has been allowed to continue ... a result of which ultimately has made many of you feel like you are helpless, like your voice continuously gets lost amidst others agendas and in the end holds no great value.

But, that is a lie ... the time has well come for you to no longer feel helpless ... efforts have finally been set in place to empower your voice, for YOUR missing loved one.

It is time to break free from the bondage of deceit that others have been force feeding you.

Because, in reality, you are not lost without the help you may currently feel obligated to ... reality is that there are countless sources of authentic, non-self serving sources of help available - ready, waiting and able to assist you ... however the screens put up by others of whom prioritize an agenda more for themselves than about you has made it so you just can't see or hear the ego-free help that IS out there.
was foremost created for YOU, the Families of the Missing ... your calls of injustice WERE heard! It is here! And its mission and purpose is entirely centered around and upon giving those with missing loved ones take back their power.

Your HOPE is reaching out to you ... TAKE IT ... what you fear you might lose by doing so is in reality the very baggage that is most holding your efforts to FIND your loved one back.

Believe again in your voice, become empowered by this Hope ... fight for it, share it, spread the word about it, demand it ... it's up to YOU to make it happen.

For as much as we'd all like to do it for you, the reality is that we can't ... you own the voices that hold the most power ... take them back ... use them ... bring home those of whom you seek.

I'm sorry this isn't a "feel good" post ... yet at the same time I AM so grateful to be able to share it with you at all.

I am pleading with you, FOR YOU, to not let this Hope pass you by ... I am so tired of shoving Hope down so many throats ... truth is - that by doing so - I've often even become annoying to ME ... and most of all ... I am so confused at to why it all too often has seemed necessary to so forcefully push and try to "sell" this  FREE FOR YOU GIFT to begin with ...

Every post here includes a share button ... it's up to you to use them ... praying with hope that you will ...

We have come SO FAR ... it IS WORKING ... AND - WE CAN DO EVEN BETTER ... Make it HAPPEN TODAY!!!

You know what to do ... and it's mandatory that you do it ... act now knowing that we will support you every step of the way ... <3 and Billy's Law ... about the Families of the Missing and FOR the Families of the Missing ... read, share and fight for this ...

Please join us at Peace4 the Missing
*an agenda free platform FOR the families of the missing and victims of crime

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