Thursday, February 17, 2011

Find Jesse Ross February 18th Birthday Card Awareness Campaign - PEACE4 THE MISSING

Wake Up CHICAGO! --- Jesse Ross is still Missing!!!

Jesse's Birthday is on February 18th, however since Jesse Ross is not here, his family has requested that you please send your birthday cards for him to:

The Chicago Mayor's Office

121 N LaSalle St. #507

Chicago, IL 60602


Lt. Kevin Dillon

3510 S. Michigan Ave

Chicago, IL 60653

Link to the Mayor of Chicago: http://mayor.cityofchicago .org/mayor/en.html

Online contact form: http://webapps.cityofchica icago/eforms/controller/contactUsForm/

** Any information regarding the disappearance of Jesse Ross, please contact the Chicago Police Department at: 312-744-8266 or send an email via form found on the following link ... **

Jesse Ross - NamUs MP # 3028 8/0/ Missing Persons System -

Peace4 the Missing

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