Monday, May 9, 2011

Annual Walk for Missing Daughter, Kara Kopestky

The mother of a missing girl is getting support from the community and other parents on Mother's Day

Posted: 05/07/2011
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BELTON, Missouri - Each Mother’s Day gets tougher for Rhonda Beckford.

Back on May 4, 2007, her daughter, Kara Kopestky disappeared.

“It's kind of like a rollercoaster it's got its ups and downs and we've had eight searches,” said Beckford.
The last images of Kopestky were captured from a surveillance camera inside Belton High School.

Despite the extensive searches, including one in South Kansas City, earlier this year and dozens of tips, investigators still do not have any idea what happened to Kara.

On Saturday, dozens of people walked down the streets in Belton in hopes of drumming up more tips that will help find Kara.

The annual walk serves as a reminder for the day she disappeared.
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“It's amazing to have all these people show up for years later. There still hoping and searching right along with us. We know we're not alone and that helps us,” said Beckford.

She said that her faith has helped keep her going.

One person who understands what Beckford is going through is Greg Smith.

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His daughter Kelsey, 18, was killed in May 2007 after she was abducted from an Overland Park Target store near her home. Authorities eventually used the ping information to determine where her cell phone had traveled in the hours after her disappearance and found her body in a wooded area of Longview Lake four days after her disappearance.

Edwin R. Hall, of Olathe, has since pleaded guilty to her abduction, rape and murder and is serving a life sentence in a Kansas penitentiary.

Smith said he can still feel when people pray for the family. He said “it is a palpable feeling for us.”
Smith hopes similar prayers will help Beckford find her daughter.

There is an $80,000 reward for the person who helps find Kara.


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