Thursday, April 16, 2009

As the world worries, the "three chicks" of Justice Interrupted work to bring home Tomas Betsis-Dunstan

Breaking News...the grateful mother of Tomas Betsis-Dunstan welcomes home her beloved son and thanks the three incredible women of Justice Interrupted who fought to make it happen.

On April 4, 2009, 10-year old Tomas Betsis-Dunstan from Pacific Palisades, was forcefully taken in what 5 witnesses saay was a choke hold from his school by his father George Betsis and Australian businessman. The couple never married but there was long custody battle between the couple.

In addition, there is an ongoing investigation by Los Angeles child protective services are sexual in nature. Considering the imminent danger to Priscilla Dunston's own life the Los Angeles police department are refusing to do their jobs and issure a warrant. This includes the less than dynamic team within the Los Angeles County District Attorney Karen Strickland, who in my professional opinion is treating this case without importance to the life of 10-year of Tomas and his mother. If George Betsis planned and hired a private investigator for several months prior to abducting his son, Priscillia Dunston's life is in danger. This is classic domestic violence 101 and Damn the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office for refusing to do their job. Did they not learn from the murder of another victim, gunned down by her husband in January of 2008. Will they wait until blood starts dripping? And where is Steve Cooley hiding, under his official desk? Or is waiting for bloodshed before he writes an inter office memo to cover his Distrist Attorney behind?

Similar to the Jack and Duncan Connolly both taken during a visitation by their father who subsequently murdered the two young boys, the mother was not believed. The police as in this case allowed precious time to pass before finally releasing a missing person's number No. NR09175KS. But yet no amber alert.

In an interview airing early this morning Austrilia Time the father makes his case on television with this interview on the a curent affair exclusive. George Betsis is hiding out somplace an apartment in the Santa Monica, California area.

We will cover this case on Justice Interrupted Investigates, Tuesday, April 14, 2009 at 10:00 PM Central Standard Time. Also Marc Klass, Mark Geregos and Robin Sax will be on Nancy Grace's show at 7:00PM CST to discuss the issues that a parent faces when in a relationship and is unable to get police assitance or justice in the safe return of their children.

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