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These actions, maliciously abandoning your family for YEARS, this is not ABUSE?! Where are our advocates?! Where is the intense and authentic sense of injustice when one reads about this crap?! Are you not outraged?! Do you not care?!

NO, this story below of David Rockey is NOT our Peace4 Maureen's husband. YES, the broad similarities in regards to potentially having a husband go maliciously missing are.

AND! This is MAUREEN! You know, the one who creates our Peace4 Newsletter and is always actively and productively most on top of making sure all of our cases and passions and loved ones are heard and helped...

To receive compassion, show it outraged by the sick story below, don't minimize it, do learn about it, do support Maureen, don't turn away from the vile ugly horror that is now her life...force yourself to stare at it...because that's the only way to help...

David Rockey returns to B’ville to settle ‘legal issues’: Police: No charges expected against man missing since 2002

By Tim Hudson E-E County Reporter
Wednesday, May 20, 2009 2:54 PM CDT

Bartlesville police are closing the books on the missing person case for Bartlesville resident Dave Rockey.

came in Thursday and spoke to the investigative team that had been
looking for him for the last seven years,” Bartlesville Police
Department Capt. Jay Hastings told the Examiner-Enterprise on Tuesday

“He came in to tie up some loose ends,” Hastings said.

was 51 when he seemingly disappeared in August 2002 after telling his
family he was going to Skiatook for a job interview. He was reportedly
last seen at a business in south Bartlesville and never arrived for the
interview. His vehicle was found the next day in the Tulsa
International Airport parking lot.

The case made national news
when Rockey was found — nearly seven years after his disappearance — to
be residing in South Dakota. Rockey reportedly attempted to obtain a
driver’s license at the South Dakota Department of Public Safety,
alerting authorities there to his whereabouts.

Hastings said that Rockey again told investigators that he left Bartlesville due to personal reasons.

was pretty much the same as he told us when he was originally found —
Kansas City, Omaha, Neb., and South Dakota — he was working odd jobs
the whole time,” Hastings said.

He said Rockey told officers that he came back to settle “legal issues.” Hastings said Rockey was “more than cooperative.”

Soon after Rockey was located in South Dakota, his wife, Peggy Rockey, filed for divorce.

Hastings said no charges will be filed against Rockey.

apologized to law enforcement for putting everyone through the hassle
of trying to look for him,” Hastings said. “And to the public, he
realized later about the work that people had gone through to try to
locate him.”

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