Sunday, May 17, 2009

Talk It Over is the program that helps solve the world's problems two people at a time.

It's your one-stop shop for how to handle that surly teenager, the uncaring boss, the loud next door neighbor, your child's teacher, the uncaring corporate employee on the other end of the phone.

Life is full of conflict that just doesn't have to escalate! Our trio of hosts, journalist Diane Dimond; comedienne Louise Palanker and professional mediator Lee Jay Berman deliver sound advice on how to deal with the problem people in your life and they do it using solid mediation tools and a heaping helping of humor and common sense.

Talk It Over is a lively call-in program that also accepts listeners e-mail questions. Contact us at: 888-531-7171 or write us at

Many of us pay therapists mighty big bucks for the kind of advice you will find here - for free! If you long for a caring, kinder sort of chemistry on talk radio, this show hits the spot. Take a chance, take a listen and Talk It Over!

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