Sunday, June 14, 2009

Create your own Custom Unidentified Persons Database Links with this Simple Tool from NamUs!

Create your own Custom State and County Missing and Unidentified Persons Links via this incredibly quick, easy and "change the world tool" on the NamUs website!

This is vital information of those in your specific geographical area who are in the Namus Unidentified Persons System Database.

It seriously couldn't be simpler to use, merely click on your county and/or state from the drop down menu of options, click create and a simple "copy/paste" code is automatically generated! I "created" the below links for Ottawa County and Michigan in literally less than 3 seconds...

Ottawa County Michigan Unidentified Decedents

Michigan Unidentified Decedents

Please go there now and make your own custom links, post them wherever you're able and spread the word!

Missing Loved Ones could soon be found because you took the time (again, this only takes seconds to do) to care and participate in awareness efforts. And if it sounds like I am excited about this, you're right, I am! Many Thanks to Todd Matthews of NamUs for sharing this resource!

Now go and get ready to (in less than one minute) pat yourself on the back for these efforts...kudos to're a really good person... ;)

Please join us at Peace4 the Missing
Missing Persons Awareness and Support Network

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