Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Powerful Knowledge of Self-Defense Training


A perpetrator expects a female to try to run away, cower, beg, plead and/or cry. When she steps into the storm, it messes him up as he isn’t use to this reaction. There are many things that a female can learn to do to protect herself.

Learning self-defense not only helps prevent attacks but also builds self-esteem. Individuals learn to determine their personal, physical and emotional boundaries.

Consider training to be “Life Extension Insurance”.

Training is offered to females starting at age 5.

No pass or fail; just a commitment to yourself AND EMPOWERMENT.

There are no guarantee’s in any personal safety/self-defense training course. However, it’s better to do something rather than nothing. Again, knowledge is a powerful tool.

The Realistic Female Self-Defense Company - Anny Jacoby

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Mano said...


Self defense training can save you from the attacks in the real world. In real world an attack is usually over within a short time. A proper self defense training will allow you to use simple techniques to instantly avoid the attacker.