Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The 536,112,000 Seconds of Trayvon Martin's Life

I needn't wear the color of your skin to feel the pain of your soul.

Trayvon Martin as a baby
My near alabaster white, almost 6 months old, baby boy is playing with his feet on a blanket upon our family room floor.  He's not even been here on earth for half a year, yet I have already invested so much of myself into the life of this, my precious little man.

They say it goes so fact - and it does - however there's also so much time, energy, sweat, faith, worry, joy, tears, agony, pride, LOVE that goes along with the "it" of raising a child.

We literally put our own lives into these little human beings of ours.  Even when we're not technically with them our thoughts still remain by their side.  Once you become a Mother you ARE a Mom ALL of the time, always, for life.

Greeting them each morning with hope, kissing them goodnight each bedtime while covering them with prayer.

Every single day your heart goes with them.  Every single day of their lives your heart gets torn apart, put back together, stomped on, lifted up, filled up, worn out ...

Every single day your heart, the heart of a Mama - is bursting, literally bursting out of its seams with love - LOVE - for your precious, sent from God Himself above, child.

Trayvon Martin had recently turned 17 years old.  Which means that Sybrina's heart had invested, at minimum, 6,205 days into her son.

6,205 days, 148,920 hours, 8,935,200 minutes invested into this child of God that one man in 1 second would choose to extinguish.

His Mother put over 536,112,000 seconds into raising Trayvon - is it really too much to expect George Zimmerman to have taken just 1 second more to think prior to taking the life of this child??

The Family website of Trayvon Martin -

Sara Huizenga, Founder of Peace4 the Missing
Missing Persons Awareness and Support Network

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