Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Say Happy Mother’s Day in a way that will last

What Can I Do? – Make a Difference on Mother’s Day

If you’re the guy who wakes up the Saturday before Mother’s Day and orders flowers, you’re not alone.  This year, the  National Retail Federation says we’ll spend $1.9 Billion doing just that.  It’s all part of the business that Mother’s Day has become: Flowers, Brunch, Cards, etc – all adding up to $14.6 Billion in the US.
The thing is, most of what we buy for Mom on her day isn’t going to last.  That’s what’s special about the campaign that Stacey Monk and the crew atEpic Change are running this Mother’s Day: They’re giving you a chance to tell your “Mama” you love her, and to make a lasting difference in a child’s life at the same time.
Just visit their site: To Mama With Love and you’ll see.  Each “Heartspace” created is a tribute.  And each tribute drives a donation to help Mama Lucy Kamptoni continue her mission to teach and house children in Tanzania. If the work she’s done so far is any indication, the money you donate will be very well spent. Mama Lucy started a school that grew from 10 students in 2003 to over 400 kids today.  the proceeds from this campaign will help build boarding facilities to house and shelter up to 50 more students.
So far more than 190 “Heartspaces” have been created, and more than $10,000 has been generated for the cause.
Why does it work? Love is at the core of the holiday, and the campaign. I spoke with Stacey Monk this morning, and asked her why her company chose to support Mama Lucy.  Stacey’s enthusiastic reply?
Because I love her! and anything we do for love is going to work.”
I know my Mom would say much the same. How about yours?
Doing your part is pretty simple. Here are the directions from the site
  1. Create a heartspace
    for a mom you love by giving in her honor.
  2. Show your love
    by personalizing your heartspace with words, photos, and/or video.
  3. Send a Mother’s Day e-card
    with a link to the heartspace you”ve created.
  4. Your mother’s day present just changed the world.
How easy is it?  I did it in about 10 minutes. (Hi Mom!)
Can’t give? Tweet. A nifty cause-branding component is attached to the effort.  Organic Beauty Now donates $1 per tweet (up to $2000) if you use the hashtag #tomamawithlove.
Why should you do this instead of sending flowers? I think Stacey said it best this morning: “If you give people a chance to connect to something with their hearts, that energy can create a whole movement.
So go ahead. Say Happy Mother’s Day in a way that will last. And make a difference in some child’s life.

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