Friday, July 4, 2008

To Gift PEACE...only God can, but we can try...

The following are some of my reflections on this special place, a place for anyone of you as well, for you are most truly's a place called Peace 4 the Missing and it's easy to get to too...


No, we can't...

In my humble opinion and own life experience, only God can do that. And sometimes, even HIS peace is not one we are capable of truly comprehending nor accepting in this life on earth.

So, why are we here then, at Peace 4 the Missing? Why do we and why should we care?

Because, even if, God willing, we are "only" somehow able to bring about even one mere drop, the tiniest of sprinkle of a peaceful, even momentarily peaceful feeling to those forced to endure the anguishing pain of the missing, then it is worth it.

It is worth our efforts, it is not a waste of time nor energy. Because they, we all, desire, truly need even a temporary mere moment of peace-like relief...because a heart and soul can only take so much. Because we do care and its always better to try to do something loving than to do nothing at all.

Thank You all, you beautiful souls, angels my life has been touched by in this place. Thank You for being you, thank you for caring, thank you for making this world a tiny sprinkle of a drop better. Because, somehow, amidst all the pain, that truly does mean so much.

And thank you, most especially, all you brave, courageous souls of the missing, those very ones we are lead to want to feebly attempt to bring the merest amount of peace-like moments are the ones who have opened our eyes to this cause, the ones we so admire, the ones that despite their own agony, somehow, quite miraculously choose to reach out to others, to transform their own pain as a catapult to actively aide others reeling in the pain of having a loved one missing. You inspire us, you encourage us to do more and our lives are so much better due to you.

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Delilah said...

And thank you for having a heart the size of Texas!

You are an angel in training and showing us all the light that shines through you.