Sunday, September 21, 2008

Protest for Becca

Becca McEvoy was a vibrant young 9 year old when her life was lost in a car accident. She was a fighter and valiantly fought for her life for 10 days on life support. She did not win that battle.

Becca needs us to fight for her now. You see, Becca was to testify in front of a Grand Jury in Mobile, Alabama. She was bravely speaking of things which she had been threatened not to tell, but her story was cut short, as was her life.

Becca McEvoy endured a year of rape and sodomy at the hands of her step father, Bob Ingle, a police officer. According to reports, Bob Ingle not only had his way with Becca, but other family members as well as his own daughter. All of them were threatened, some recanted their own stories.

The legal process is tedious and justice is long in coming in most cases brought through the court system. However, there have been numerous delays in Becca's case and Bob Ingle is still living free and easy in a home with other children present, according to family members.

Becca is a victim. Victims should have equal rights under the law. Victims should have a voice in a court of law. Becca's voice is being silenced. The law in place that may jeopardize much of Becca's testimony is Crawford vs Washington, which simply stated, may keep a lot of testimonial evidence from ever being heard.

Her case was scheduled to go to trial September 22, 2008, but now there has been yet another delay while defense attorneys challenge information to be brought into the trial. Another day is gone for Becca, another day that maybe her voice would have been heard and the scales of justice would have been balanced. Now her already grieving family must wait again before they can start to heal from their losses.

I appeal to everyone to join me in an "Online Protest" to join Becca's family and friends who will be physically protesting in Alabama on Monday, September 22, the day Becca's case was scheduled to begin.

There is a list of email addresses below. It only takes a minute of your time to copy and paste your opinions and email them to officials in Alabama. Let them know you support Becca McEvoy and her family. Let them know that she has the right to a trial free from unreasonable delay. WE have to be the voice for this little victim because the laws are trying too keep her quiet, just as Bob Ingle did when he was molesting her.

Make Monday a day of protest in support of Becca McEvoy.

Alabama Governor Bob Riley

Lt.Governor Jim Folsom

Sec. of State Beth Chapman
Chief of Staff Emily Thompson

Public Information Specialist
Tamara Cofield

Attorney General Troy King

Alabama State Senate (35 Senators)
Web Site:

Miriam Shehane, Commissioner, Alabama Crime Victims Compensation Commission

To Read Details of Becca's Case:


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