Saturday, February 14, 2009

Team Hope

Peace4 the Missing members are representatives of various organizations. We will spotlight these organizations and hope that the readers who need their services will find the one that fits their particular needs.

Team HOPE is a part of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children's Family Advocacy Division. Team HOPE volunteers are mothers, fathers, siblings and extended family members, who have had (or still have) a cherished missing child. We are ordinary people who one day were forced to live this nightmare. We know the pain, the fear, the frustration and the aloneness of having a missing child. We are courageous, determined, intelligent and empathetic. We have demonstrated the ability to turn our personal tragedies into vital lifelines of support for other families.

Established in 1998, Team HOPE matches searching families with experienced and trained volunteers who have had or still have a missing child. Because they speak from firsthand experience, these volunteers offer emotional support, compassion, guidance, empowerment and assistance in ways no other community agency can.

Team HOPE volunteers include parents, grandparents, and other family members. Nominations of potential volunteers originate from active volunteers, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, State Missing Children Clearinghouses, nonprofit organizations dealing with missing children issues and law enforcement officials. Nominees have demonstrated the ability to turn their personal tragedies into vital lifelines of support for other families. Potential mentors are screened and trained before becoming Team HOPE volunteers.

Coping with the trauma of having a missing child demands courage and determination from parents and other family members, who often feel isolated in the face of fear and frustration. Because our volunteers had or still have a missing child, we are able to provide compassion, counsel and support in ways that no other agency can.

Over 14,000 families have been referred to Team HOPE. Our volunteers offer families of missing children encouragement, empowerment, and support. It enables us to share our knowledge and thus help others. Law enforcement, social services, and other agencies also have gained valuable insight and assistance from Team HOPE volunteers in helping families of missing children.

  • We instill courage, determination, and hope on the part of parents and other family members.
  • We take away isolation in facing their fears and frustrations.
  • We provide compassion, counsel, and support drawing from our training and personal support.
  • We provide resources and refer to AMECO members and other missing children non-profit agencies worldwide.

If you would like to refer a family to access Team HOPE as a support resource or if you would like to refer a parent to become a Team HOPE volunteer, please call. We will help.


Please join us at Peace4 the Missing

Please join us at Peace4 the Missing
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