Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Right 'On CUE'

National Tour Visits Tennessee and Kentucky to Revive Missing Persons Cases

Advocates Are Traveling Cross-Country in the 5th Annual “On the Road to Remember” Tour

Wilmington, NC – For the fifth year, volunteers from the North Carolina-based CUE Center for Missing Persons will set out on another cross country tour to raise awareness of missing children and adults. The team is scheduled to make an appearance in Tennessee and Kentucky in August; distributing a trail of DVD’s, press kits and valuable information concerning 110 missing persons and 6 unsolved homicide cases. Some Tennessee and Kentucky cases are included in this year’s tour and will behighlighted at the groups pre planned rally stops that will include participation from law enforcement agencies, advocates - organizations, families of the missing and local and state officials.

“After so many years, missing persons and homicide cases fade from the public’s radar, but for the families and friends left behind, the nightmare continues every minute of every day,” said CUE Founder, Monica Caison, who is leading the caravan of volunteers. “We make this trip each year to assure no case fades from memory and to support the families who remain searching for a resolution. They need our help and the community’s help to bring forth information.”

The 2008 tour, On the Road to Remember will depart from Wilmington, NC on August 21st, and will end more than 5, 299 miles later returning the volunteers to their home state North Carolina, on September 2nd. Hundreds of volunteers will take part in various legs of the tour, which will include thirty rally stops,traveling thru seventeen states in an effort to promote a public awareness.

Tennessee – RALLY STOPS
• Family of Missing – Rachel Conger “August 31st at 3:30 pm
1035 Maurice Field Drive, Paris Tennessee 38242

Kentucky – RALLY STOPS
Volunteers “September 1st at 9:30 am
Waffle House 3833 Nashville Road Franklin, Kentucky 42134

National Tour - Quick Facts
• Rally Stops – 30
• States Traveling Through - 17
• Cases Missing Featured – 110
• Case Homicide Featured - 6
• Miles Traveled Total – 5,299

For a complete tour schedule visit CUE’s website and click on the Road Tour button; , e-mail


Delilah said...

Thanks for including the schedule here. It is most important that there is a good turnout to ensure that the rally is a success for the remembrance of Rachel and others missing from the area. Especially for Amber, Rachel's daughter

Aunt of Tionda and Diamond Bradley said...

Thank you for making a stop for the families of Tionda and Diamond Bradley, Rachel Melon, Stacy Peterson, Brad Olsen, John Spira and those missing in the Chicagoland area. Your presence blessed our families with the needed ingredients to make sure they are not forgotten and the strength to press on when things look gray. Because of your unselfish love for those that are missing, you gave our families the opportunity to come together and share our stories, pain, and most of all, our love. Continue your journey, but remember we will always remember what you have done for us.

Shelia Bradley-Smith