Monday, December 8, 2008

A Message from Laneeka's Father, I will Celebrate her Life until I Close My Eyes

Melvin "MACK" Mackey, Jr is undoubtedly an incredible man. His fervent cries for his missing daughter, Laneeka Varnado pulled at the heartstrings of our nation. This single photo of a Father's desperate pleas for help will forever be permanently inprinted on my mind.
Laneeka Varnado has now been found. But it is not the joyous homecoming of many prayers. And vivid recollections of Mack's desperate pleas for his baby brought many to their knees upon hearing of her loss.

Yet even when facing the most tragic of events, this Amazing Father is once again teaching all of us how God truly intended a Daddy to love his own.

Thank You Laneeka and Mack, for gifting a glimpse of your love for one another, for sharing a peek at how cherished her most precious life is with have both undoubtedly so positively influenced our entire Nation. "Daddy's Girl" will never be forgotten.

I will celebrate her life until I close my eyes, I cannot feel sad because i know she
would not have wanted that. I will miss my baby, but she will be with me in my
heart forever, and will continue to ride with me.

Dad felt daughter led him to accident scene

Mackey said he grew sleepy Saturday as he drove his motorcycle toward the Powder Springs home he shared with his daughter. He decided to stay on C.H. James Parkway, rather than turning off onto back roads he typically traveled. Mackey reasoned the highway would be safer in his drowsy state...his daughter, he thinks, had been of the same mindset.

“She was trying to call me and tell me where she was,” he said. “She sprinkled some dust in my eyes for me to doze off, and she brought me to the same path that she took.”

Mackey said he is relieved that his daughter’s death was an accident and that she didn’t suffer. Now, the family can lay her to rest.

“We’re gonna do it New Orleans style,” said Mackey. “We’re going to dance, we’re going to laugh, we’re going to celebrate her life. There is nothing to mourn.”

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Anonymous said...

Mr Mackey

I followed the tragedy of your beautiful daughter being missing since I first heard it on the news. I then found it was being discussed on In Sessions Message Boards and followed there. I prayed so hard for Laneeka's safe return to you. As a parent who has not lost a child I cannot say I know how you feel but I can say, with no doubt, that your precious baby is smiling down at you for the way in which you have carried yourself since it first became clear she was missing. She was a beautiful young lady who was so fortunate to have you for her dad. I will keep you in mt prayers and pray that you can heal from this tragedy.

May God bless you.

With much love