Friday, December 12, 2008

Tim Miller Says Bones Are Probably Caylee Anthony

By now you know that bones were found in Orlando today. You know they were a stone's throw from the residence Casey Marie Anthony shared with her daughter and George and Cindy Anthony. You might just know that a meter reader working in the area apparently found himself between a rock and a hard place and while searching for a private place to pee, he found a plastic bag on the ground. Naturally curious, he picked it up.

The skull of a small child rolled out of the bag. 

Local law enforcement authorities are striving hard to be professional about the find. They have hinted that the skull and the bones that were still in the bag might be those of little Caylee Anthony, who vanished sometime in June, 2008. But they can't declare the remains are Caylee's until they've run forensic tests to prove it.

Tim Miller, of Texas Equusearch, has no such constraints, and Miller told the Orlando Sentinel that the bones "appear to be Caylee." Miller also said "It looks like finally it's over with."

The bones have been taken to the medical examiner's office. Orange County Sheriff Kevin Beary has said that they are 'a top priority' for the FBI and the forensic investigators working on the find. 

Their Orlando attorney said that George and Cindy Anthony were "obviously shocked" about the find. 

Casey Anthony's attorney, Jose Baez, has filed an emergency motion in an Orlando court asking that the defense be present during all forensic tests on the remains. A judge will hear the motion on Friday. 

If the bones prove to be those of Caylee Anthony, it will be interesting to see how George and Cindy Anthony respond to the news. In their vocal, visible and sometimes seemingly delusional defense of Casey, the Anthonys have become nearly as controversial as their pretty, flat-eyed daughter. 

They have proven remarkably inventive in their attempts to circumvent common sense when speaking publicly about the case against Casey. From insisting that the smell of decomposition in the car Casey drove after Caylee vanished was old food to later implying that someone placed the decomp material found in the trunk in the car after it was impounded, the Anthonys have been object lessons in active, insistent denial.

How will they be able to deny this, if the bones were once a little girl named Caylee? What will Casey say to her parents, no doubt pinning them to their chairs in the jail visiting area with her big, innocent but unblinking baby blues? Reasonable people would like to think they'd withdraw into their grief and let the system take over. That would make sense, and perhaps be better for them. But nothing in the Anthony case has made much sense. The Anthonys might not miss a beat -- they may now come forward proposing police target neighborhood sex offenders, or insist that it was all an accident, and the only crime was a cover-up. People tired of hearing about this case in the news would do well to not sit back and say the story is over -- it may have only just begun. []

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