Thursday, July 16, 2009

Are Hate Crimes against the Homeless a Growing Trend?

This is so beyond disturbing!  Are Hate Crimes against the Homeless a Growing Trend?  Especially horrifing are the amount of stories of homeless people being set afire!

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List of Headlines on Murders of Homeless People & Hate Crimes Against Them

  • USA- Group stomps man, 39, to death 
  • USA- Hate crime murders of homeless people a USA trend - NCH 
  • USA- Band of teens sought in fatal slaying of homeless man 
  • USA- Homeless man dies after third beating by teens 
  • USA- Homeless woman set afire 
  • USA- Hit-and-run victim lived for two days while trapped in windshield 
  • USA-Teens Accused of Homeless Stun-Gun Attacks 
  • Japan- An Incident report in Nagai Park Tent Village 
  • Japan- Japanese introduced to homeless 
  • Japan- Boys allegedly forced man to drown 
  • Australia- Soccer group uses homeless man for target practice 
  • Canada- Montreal cop found "not guilty" in death of homeless man 
  • A recent study attempts to track a disturbing national trend 
  •  USA-Homeless & Heartbroken-Death of feisty, tiny 'Little Bit' leaves street people saddened - and scared 


  • RE Stun Gun Attacks:Teenager is sentenced in attack on homeless 
  • RE Hit-and-run victim:Motorist given 50 year-sentence in windshield murder trial 
  • Harsher penalties sought for attacks on homeless
  • From the National Coalition for the Homeless:

    HATE:A Compilation of Violent Crimes Committed Against Homeless People in the U.S. in 2001

    New! From the National Coalition for the Homeless: 
    Hate Crimes Report 2003 

    Also, please see their Hate Crimes Sign On, which is "A Call to Investigate the Violent Acts and Crimes Committed Against People Experiencing Homelessness".

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