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Hope Remains After 54 Years

Lost Toddler -

Hope Remains After 54 Years By Todd Matthews

Details in the 1955 disappearance of 22 month old Frederick Andrew Holmes have been added to the Doe Network database.

Freddie was last seen by his mother walking along the driveway of his home at approximately 9 a.m. in Grahamsville, New York on May 25, 1955. The boy had curly blond hair and was wearing a pair of faded brown corduroy overalls with a long sleeve polo shirt.

A 1,000 man search for the toddler took place that included local officials, volunteers, a blood hound and helicopter. Despite the massive effort, no sign of the child was found.

It seems most likely he was taken by a hungry animal or perished from exposure, but in the bizarre world of cold cases anything is possible. Might Freddie have been taken by a human predator, raised by strangers and still be alive today? He has biological family members that still cling to hope.

As ancient as this case might seem, if Freddie were to be alive today, he would have been celebrating his 56th birthday.

With Freddie's siblings still alive and looking, chances of building a family reference DNA profile are very good. But there must be a source for comparison if it is to be of value. The family had considered the possibility he might have been the infamous "Boy In The Box" --

On February 25, 1957, the severely beaten remains of a 4 to 6 year old male child were found in a cardboard box in Philadelphia. Two years later, the age range and description line up in what might be a long shot.

The Boy in The Box was exhumed in the late 1990's for DNA testing - and a Mitochondrial profile does exist. He was then re-interred into a Philadelphia tomb as "America's Unknown Child".

The Initial inquiry by the Holmes family with New York officials did not give a definite conclusion. But follow up details with Pennsylvania officials are ongoing.

Is it possible that these cases are connected? Stranger things have happened. In any event, it's finally a step forward after more than 50 years. More resources

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