Wednesday, January 28, 2009

When Mothers are Found, the Peace4 story of Alice Donovan, Angie's Mom

I feel very fortunate to have been able to be an observer of this miraculous story unfolding right among us here at Peace4 the Missing. There are facts, there are events and then there are extraordinary circumstances for which the only possible explanation is God.

Did you know that Angie and Delilah came into contact with one another as the result of a google search? It's true...Angie had googled her Mom, Alice Donovan's name and part of the search results was this brand new "baby blog" of Delilah's called Mothers are Vanishing.

Angie left a comment...

JUNE 20, 2008 4:17 PM
ange said...
I am Alice Donovans oldest daughter Angie and in complete awe right now...
I stumbled upon this site when I googled my mothers name. Wow I didn't think that anyone thought of her anymore except us (her family)! You don't know how much this means to me that we are still thought of and that my mother is thought of by others besides her family..Thank you for all your kind words and thoughts.


...over at Delilah's blog and in response Delilah invited her to join us at this brand new little thing we'd just started called Peace4 the Missing. And from the very first moment, Delilah and I just knew, that this place, Peace4, must have been originally created specifically for Alice and that in order for it to truly benefit others, it needed Angie. Thankfully Angie agreed and joined us as Administrator of Peace4 the Missing.

The date marking 6 years since Alice went missing was coming up a few months later and Angie wanted to do something incredibly special not just for her Mom, but for all families with missing loved ones. She decided to have a Charity Benefit in Honor of Alice Donovan scheduled to coincide with the calendar date that Alice was last seen.

Angie worked tirelessly, often with Delilah's help, planning and carrying out this beautiful memorial benefit for Alice. Around the same time period, Delilah had also recently become a volunteer for CUE and thus the connection between Angie and Monica was re-established as well. And in "always giving-back Angie" style, she chose for all of the donations generated from her Mom's benefit to be given to CUE, Community United Effort.

Delilah also wrote a passionate letter to a reporter by the name of Isaac Bailey. As a result he ended up setting up an interview with three "girls" one day...two sisters (Angie and Jen) and one Mother, Delilah. And although not "their" Mother, this too I firmly believe God in all His infinite wisdom orchestrated, knowing that Alice would want a Mom to be there for her girls, that day and the many days that have transpired since that initial google search to now.

Did you know that Delilah was on the search team who initially discovered what we're now quite certain to be the first discovery of Alice Donovan? For six years Angie's Mom has been missing, countless searches have taken place...yet for some reason I believe that God Himself specifically chose that moment, with Angie here amongst all of us, and Delilah there out in the thick brush wilderness for her to finally be found.

Sometimes, often times, we'll never really be able to figure it all out, all that we can do is just sit back and say...


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Ange said...

I never really did tell you that your entry of my mom was absolutly wonderful..I loved how you connected all the dots that god so carefully and graciously layed into place for us all to be part of!

I love you more than you know Sara ((hugs))