Saturday, January 3, 2009

Monday4 the Missing, Roxanne Paultauf

An 18 year old, Roxanne was staying at a Budget motel with her boyfriend on July 7, 2006, they had an argument, she walked out and has never been seen again. According to Louis Walls, who was 30 at the time, he went back to the motel room to cool off, and later went out to look for her to no avail. The motel was in a rather run down area of Austin, Texas frequented by prostitutes and drug dealers, not an area for a young lady to feel safe. Roxanne is said to have left that motel room with nothing, no cell phone, no purse, no money, only in a pair of shorts, tank top and flip flops.

The area is one where protests were held to take back the neighborhood and make it safe. At the rally was Roxanne's mother, Liz Harris, doing everything to get her daughter's information out to the people in the area. A billboard company donated their services so that Roxanne's picture is out in the public at all times in hopes of someone coming forward with information.

What the public doesn't realize is the lengths a family has to go to gain exposure for a missing loved one. At 18, Roxanne is an adult and there is no law against just walking away from your family, but many times that's not the case and authorities don't always listen to the pleas of the family who know differently. The area from where she disappeard was searched extensively a few days after she was reported missing, but no evidence of Roxanne was found.

Roxanne has three sisters and a brother who she was close to and they miss her greatly. It's highly unusual that she would be gone for so long without contact with her family. The family has so many questions that have gone unanswered since July 7, 2006 and pray that someone will come forward with information.

January 3 was Roxanne's birthday. The family will celebrate yet another birthday without the guest of honor present. But Roxanne is always present in the hopes and dreams of her family until the day she returns to them.

Happy Birthday, Roxanne.

Name: Roxanne Elizabeth Paultauf
AKA: Roxanne Paltauf
Case Number: M0607006
Case Type: Endangered
Last Seen in: Austin (Travis County)
Last Seen on: 7/8/2006
Height: 5' 4 "
Weight: 115 lbs.
Age Missing: 18
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Blonde
Date of Birth: 1/3/1988
Race: White
Sex: Female
State Missing From: Texas
Country Missing From: USA
Circumstances: Ms. Paultauf was last seen wearing a pink tank top , light blue short and sandals.

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