Thursday, January 8, 2009

Law Professor Fired For Being Stalked In The Workplace

 Dawn V. Martin was a law professor at Howard University and was headed for a tenured position.  A homeless man from the area decided he wanted her for his "wife" and made inappropriate contacts with her at her job.  Ms. Martin did all the right things, contacted all the right people including Alice Gresham Bullock, the law school dean, campus police and Washington DC police.  There is no doubt that they all knew the details of her stalker.  However, no one followed proper precautions to ensure her safety at her workplace, in fact a month after this was reported, Martin was essentially fired from her job.

Martin sued the university in federal court for failure to prevent sexual harassment and wrongful termination. A federal jury concluded in April 2006 that Harrison's actions created a "hostile work environment" and that the university failed to take adequate actions to end the workplace harassment.

 Tomorrow is a landmark day for the case she has been working on for the past 11 years.  If the Supreme Court decides they will listen to a rehearing it could change the way workplace stalking is treated for everyone, female and male.
A lack of federal protection could encourage stalkers to see the workplace as a safe place to harass their victims, while discouraging women from pursuing protection, said Alexis Moore, founder of Survivors in Action, a nonprofit in el Dorado Hills, Calif., that trains victim advocates. She also works with employers to encourage them to assist stalking victims, even when it might be easier for them to "get rid of the problem" by firing the victim.
There needs to be an end to employer retaliation against someone who is being stalked at their workplace, as well as measures of protection granted to those being stalked.
"Stalking is a clear indicator and warning sign of violence," said Johnny Lee, director of Peace at Work, a nonprofit in Raleigh, N.C., that tracks workplace violence.

January is National Stalking Awareness Month and I can't think of a better way to support this than bringing awareness to the case of Dawn V. Martin.


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Anonymous said...

The DC courts denied Attorney Martin's peitition for rehearing. Sadly, this was the end of the line for the litigation; however, Attorney Martin's efforts will not go in vain. I can promise the women of our nation that much.

I spoke with NOW President Kim Gandy, and was encouraged!

With the nation's economic crisis experts say that the place to start with introducing new legislation is at the state level. That is exactly what I have begun to do right right here in my home state California.

I proposed the anti-stalking initiative to CA Assemblywoman Fiona Ma's legislative staff, and I am hopeful that with her support and assistance California may introduce the legislation and that later it will be adopted at the federal level.

We can not let Attorney Dawn V. Martin's 11 years of hard work go in vain. Women across our nation deserve equal protections in the workplace.

No one should have to live or work in fear.

If you are interested in signing on in support of the legislative efforts please feel free to e-mail me or Attorney Martin, to sign on in support.

One Person Can Make a Difference!

Vox Populi said...

She can't appeal anywhere else?

Perhaps to the Hague? Because this abuse of women and with and through stalking is happening all over America. It's similar to cointel and other govt. programs.
Ms. Martin may not have been aware of it but it's possible that she was 'gangstalked' out of her job. The homeless guy was the face that she identified as harassing her but there was something larger behind it if she could not get him arrested and etc.
I have had this same problem in Tampa FL up to the point that the guy has shot at me and has friends on the police force and in the fire dept and that's easy to see as they're parked in his driveway all the time. The judge, a Jeb Bush APPOINTEE did turn down a petition for protection when it clearly stated that the person had fired a weapon in my direction.
He has many friends that help him in this endeavor. With Ms. Martin she was a bit harder to 'get to' so they planted a homeless guy in and then the activity escalated throgh hidden channels.
As you note her life has been altered.
These are scattered facts that she should consider as to what really happened. I would appreciate if you could ask her to consider that the law school was in on it and out to get her job.
Is she a free thinker?
An activist?
Because it sounds like it and those are the people they do not want on board.
Selective education has reared it's ugly head and getting people like ms. martin out of the picture is very important.
Thanks for your time

Vox Populi said...

I wanted to add something to the above that I didn't think about until I came back to reread this comment. I made some inquiries with the city over a property that the city had marked as 'for development'. I printed several copies of this designation and then emailed the property appraiser's office to inquire as to what the development would be of this property; this goes back several years. The property clerk CHANGED THE DESIGNATION to CG which means commercial general and then several days later emailed me and said, 'no, that property has never been designated for redevelopment, nothing has ever changed'. I replied, "i am looking at the print out'. NO REPLY. Gradually as things started to happen at the property I took photos but the designation never changed back. (to development status) Now it's been donated through the faux homeless help center metropolitan ministries which I thought was a local entity but it's not... it's across the nation. Their personnel and their website are VERY SHADY as to who actually is behind it ... saying something like 13 local churches. I'll leave that subject now as it's an entire BLOG POST. When they came they brought security guards that tried to control the ENTIRE NEIGHBORHOOD. You've never seen anything like these intimidating people.

Vox Populi said...

The same guy who shot at me was always in confab with the city employees who would come by the construction site to do their 'inspections' or what have you. It was built OVERNIGHT with 'all donated' materials. Right.
So, this guy who has stalked, shot, threatened, kidnapped my animals and threatened my family and done INNUMERABLE property and vehicle damage and just drove by again after I posted the first time... making sure that I would see him.... has access to HUNDREDS of homeless people.
Now interestingly enough despite the fact that (in tampa at least) you rarely see a homeless black person EVERY SINGLE 'family' being 'helped' by this 'homeless shelter' is black. I have black family members and my Grandpa was a unionorganizer and I am a civil rights activist so please DO NOT misconstrue my commentary.
The money that was poured into and continues to be poured into this enterprise under the watchful eye of this shooter and stalker AND the local fire dept is unbelievable.
Here's the kicker: EVERY SINGLE CAR is a REALLY NICE CAR. Not one beater. Nothing you would expect for a homeless person to have. Of course, they have some program whereby they also provide them all with a car. (LOL) Okay, if they all were given a car and a nice place to live next comes a job and then buhbye, correct?
Not so fast. They're ALL STILL THERE and the empty crack houses all around the place filled back up. So, this stalker and shooter (Mike Keller Tampa) has access to all the homeless and the families of homeless that he would need to set someone stalking anyone. And, he also is a biker. So, that's the homeless, the crack and meth dealers and users and the entire biker nation along with the city of tampa. And how easy was that picture to draw?
The judges are in on it. The police are in on it. The State's Attorney is most definitely in on it. Across the country.
I hope that this helps in some way. I do not keep it or his name a secret. He's not the only one. He has property in Ruskin and his counterpart in all of this (although there are MANY) has a condo in south tampa and many gay and hispanic associates and ALWAYS is in the company of gangsters. Jose Tome. When I went to file the injunction the woman who 'helps you' file (the victim's advocate) knew how to pronounce his name when I did not. She was very discouraging.
We have judges giving restraining orders and arresting people for threatening PHONE CALLS. Mine was denied after I was shot at.
I don't see any reason to keep this a secret.
I don't think you should hesitate to name names.
If you can prove it, then it's not slander. These men have murdered my animals and destroyed cars and property.
Their connections to LEO are such that they had someone there remove a stalkers photo from the sheriff's website so that I could not identify her. Because they moved her in across the street from my cousin with about twenty other people. All of whom stalk and intimidate.
BUT, those responsible for it are identified and thus singled out as they have singled out MY family for harassment and domestic terrorism.

Vox Populi said...

I don't know that they have a program to dish out cars but after years of dealing with this situation I know their methods of cover stories. While the homeless situation has gotten MUCH WORSE, these faux shelters have sprung up EVERYWHERE .... only the people are not typical 'homeless'. In Pinellas county the homeless are an organized army. They look more like bikers. I say this because I know and often converse with many homeless people, none of whom have ever bothered me in any way except for to occasionally ask for money. I still see all the homeless everywhere they ever were in tampa. It's gotten worse. But supposedly we got twenty families off the street.
Only about half of the homeless people I know have vehicles. Some are slightly nice cars but still there are the marks of the homeless. Car stacked full, some dents, etc.
I was trained by the FBI to observe changes and people and it's a trait that has come in very handy over the course of this harassment.
This guy is very dangerous and in fact, someone on his property is directly related to the police. As in they come by and chitter chat.

Vox Populi said...

LOL. They imported the first white one today. But she does have a black child. Now the reason I am saying this is because a. she sat outside where I'd be sure to see her. b. There's NEVER been a previous one. c. I mentioned this the other day to a person whom I suspect is well-related to the stalking and harassment. So I've been kinda watching for them to trot out a white one to 'prove me wrong.' I'm not wrong.
I have the video and pics to prove it.
My point was that there are hundreds of people in tampa that are homeless whom you see regularly if you look. THOUSANDS since Pam Iorio took office. I've met ONE black guy. When you drive by the food lines there is never a black person. So, it did strike me as mighty odd that a GAZILLION DOLLAR shelter suddenly filled up with exclusively black homeless families one of whom was video'd with a distinct jerz accent.
It's very suspicious juxtaposed with the other activity.