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Is the Church Sending Wrong Message to Women of Abuse?, by Cherry Simpson

Susan Murphy-Milano Says so beautifully in her new blog about what Rick Warren, the Southern Baptist megachurch pastor chosen to offer the invocation at President-elect Barack Obama's Jan. 20 inauguration, says the Bible does not permit a woman to divorce a spouse who is abusing her.

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Rick Warren: Abuse is no excuse for women to seek divorce The New Agenda A women's rights blog called Warren's views "alarming," especially in light of recent statistics showing a 42 percent rise in reports of domestic violence from 2005 to 2007.

Because It Matters in Freedom in Christianity by Danni Moss writes "Rick Warren and Saddleback Church on Domestic Violence"

Listen for yourself by going to and scroll down to #32 and click to listen in his own words.

Watch for public out cry to this - Many women's advocate groups are up in arms and not going to stand for this kind of putting innocent women and children in harm's way.

I am writing and commenting on each blog and ask for your support in this also.

There are certain times in a Christian's life when he or she will have to determine which command of Scripture takes preference. Abuse within marriage is one such case. On the one hand, the Lord states, "What God has joined together, let man not separate (The Sixth Commandment). Yet he also says, "You shall not kill" (The Fifth Commandment). We recall that the Fifth Commandment also applies to ourselves in that we shouldn't put our life or the lives of our loved ones at undue risk.

If a woman (or man) feels that the physical or verbal abuse she is suffering in her marriage is putting her or her children in harm's way, she needs to take action. If repeated attempts to address the situation fail, she may even consider divorce. In such a case she is seeking to give glory to God by applying the Fifth Commandment which commands us to protect human life. By patiently yet firmly attempting to work out the situation with her husband and get him the help he needs, she is seeking to give glory to God by keeping the Sixth Commandment which commands us to honor marriage. Should her attempt to do so fail, divorce may be the God-pleasing option. It is assumed that in all of this she is seeking the help and advice of a pastor or Christian counselor who honors and respects what God's says in his Word.

Because the abusing person has willfully persisted in his sinful behavior, he has violated the marriage bond and deserted his wife. He is the guilty partner even though his wife may be the one who actually seeks the divorce.

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Delilah said...

If you are a member at Facebook, I urge you to join this group and let your voices be heard. If not, use the email addresses and let the Obama camp know how you feel about his choice. Let's see if Obama is going to listen to "the people"! This issue could be a test for the future of the next 4 years.

Anti-gay pastor Rick Warren has been selected to give invocation at Obama inauguration. This is an utter nightmare and a total insult to the LGBT community and their straight allies.

There are few things you can do about this,

1. Call on President-elect Obama to restore our trust and take real action on equality!

2. Take action on the pick of Rick Warren for Obama’s invocation speech:

3. Send Obama a letter at and ask Rick Warren to be removed from the event!

4. Email Parag Mehta, Obama's LGBT liaison on the transition team at to express your concern.

5. Emmett Belivau is the Executive Director/CEO of the Inaugural Committee. Let him know your thoughts:

6. Have your voice to be heard and send emails to the members of Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies, including

Sen. Dianne Feinstein

Sen. Harry Reid

Sen. Bob Bennett

Rep. Nancy Pelosi

Rep. Steny Hoyer

Rep. John Boehner

7. Post your letters on the discussion board. Let the whole world know why are you disappointed and outraged!

8. Ask your friends and family members to do the same.