Sunday, January 25, 2009

Online Social Networking Community for those with Missing Loved Ones

What Does Social Networking Offer?
Article By: Miranda N. Rhuda

Recently, I have begun the venture of pursuing social interaction with others online. It is so amazing to me, the amount of message boards, forums, blogs and social networks that exist. You can find every topic possible in some kind of social community online. These things all serve one purpose: To bring together a community of people who share at least one common interest.

I have decided to join a social community for every topic associated with my life. These communities include: Christian Living, Stay-at-home moms, American Staffordshire Terriers, Moms from my Geographical area, Missing Persons, and Freelance Writing. Of all of these communities, I have only found one that I find irresistible in participating: Peace4TheMissing.

Peace4TheMissing is an Online Social Networking Community that was designed to attract people who have missing loved ones. However, I can assure you that it has turned out to be something much more than that. I have been a member of that community now for about two months. Since my membership started, I have made close friendships with many people. I have found a new sense of self-confidence and inspiration in my life. The people who started this social community are exceptional people. They are kind and compassionate people who genuinely care about others. They are individuals with a burning desire to assist others in their life. These people get pure joy out of delivery kindness to perfect strangers. Tell me that is not exceptional!

After a life-altering event happened to me two years ago, I have made it a point to be kind and offer more to my fellow man. I make it a point to seek out strangers that I believe I may be able to help, even in the smallest way. But I can tell you from personal experience; this is not always celebrated by others. It is very sad, but the American population, due to scams and criminals, has become so skeptic! When you try to present someone you don’t know with an act of innocent kindness, they think that you are after something or scamming them. I have been slandered many times in my actions and called a fake.

I wanted so badly to find others like myself to share with, so I chose to turn the tables for awhile. I went looking for others who were willing to offer assistance and kindness to me. I needed a little help searching for a missing loved one and I did not know how or where to begin. I posted various articles on the internet about my situation, asking for anyone’s assistance in the matter. Then one day, I received an e-mail from Delilah, one of the founders, at the Peace4 social network. She offered to post my story on her community boards to gain some exposure for me. And then she invited me to join her community of others who were experiencing some of the same things in life. I accepted and I found much more than that…

All of the members of this community- DO NOT have loved ones missing. As a matter of fact, Delilah, one of the founders, has never experienced what is like to have a child or loved one missing. But for some reason that specific subject hit her heart hard. She felt that she needed to make a difference in the matter. But I don’t think that she and the other ladies who established this community, have any idea how much of a difference they have made in the lives of their members.

This community offers to others pure kindness, free services, help with anything you ask for, and friendships that I believe will last a lifetime. There are no rules or usage specification, they aren’t needed. These are decent human beings with big hearts and no intentions on hurting their fellow people. There are no nasty word exchanges, arguments or debates. There are only conversations of support and exchange of common topics.

This community is perfect for ANYONE who is having ANY KIND of hardships in their life; anyone who wants to make a difference in the world, no matter how small; human rights activists that want to take part in fighting for the rights on an important issue; or someone who is just looking for a good network of friends. I promise you that when you join Peace4, that you will find a renewed sense of confidence in the human kind! Please pass the word about Peace4 to anyone that you think may need some uplifting in their life!

Article By: Miranda N. Rhuda

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