Saturday, March 14, 2009

Mothers are Vanishing

Sometimes we are lucky enough to be touched by those who fully embody subtle greatness.  And even better, sometimes we are lucky enough to recognize them as who they truly are and what greatness they truly bring.

Delilah thinks before she communicates, she respects the impact that one each of her words carries with them.  This awareness makes her process things before speaking, but it doesn’t make her silent.  Delilah uses the gift she was blessed with and Delilah is heard.  And as a result we’re all gifted by strong and clear messages filled with integrity, coming from the soul.

Delilah is very wise, she knows when to hush the screams of her heart and when to communicate them.  She never rants, nor pervades the text with personal motives and baggage.  All ears, regardless of viewpoint are able to listen to her honest, impactful verse.

To have the knowledge and ability to make yourself heard…that’s a big deal.  Delilah’s clear song of truth brings hope to the weary as she graciously gifts it to those with no voice.  The impact of her text is enormous, timeless and impacting.

Delilah writes about people who are lost and hurting and in need of a vocal miracle maker.  And she is able to provide this to them in a way most will never accomplish nor learn.

You’re able to view some of her text on Mothers are Vanishing where she faithfully pours herself into telling stories that truly embody the life behind each missing mother of whom they’re told.

Delilah is Subtle Greatness.  She knows just how a story should be told.

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