Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Toolbox for Advocates

Check out these links, they are FABULOUS, I found them on the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society site, but they're applicable to any cause...

Toolbox for Advocates
The following links will help you to improve your meetings with legislators and communicate effectively with legislators on important issues to patients, families and volunteers of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS).

You can also have an impact by going to LLS's Legislative Action Center to research crucial bills and legislation. This site also gives you the opportunity to send pre-drafted letters to your local representatives.

Writing to Legislators - This page offers helpful tips when writing to legislators

Phoning Legislators - What to expect when calling a legislative office to state your position

Correct Forms of Address - The following page contains correct forms of address for legislators and other appointed government officals and leaders.

Meeting with Legislators - This page contains information on how to have an effective meeting with your legislator

The Decisionmakers - The following page offers information about legislators, their staff and other government officials and the inner workings of the political arena from their perspectives

Congressional Staff Roles - An overview of titles and principal functions of key legislative office staff.

The 2008 Congressional Work Calendar- This is a list of when the U.S. House and Senate members will be on recess and will conduct meetings in their districts.

Conducting Upcoming Recess Town Hall Meetings:
Town Hall Meeting talking points for LLS volunteers
Tips for Town Hall meetings for Grassroots Members
An Overview of the Department of Defense (DOD) Blood Cancer Research Programs
DOD Joint Organization Letter of Support

Elected Officials Search
You can search for elected officials four ways: by state, by zip code, by address, or by using our Advanced Search.

Media Search
You can search for media the following ways: by state, zip code, staff, and organization.

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