Saturday, March 14, 2009

Please can I go home now?

The Story of Peace4 Member Findmywayhome

"Below is the" plea that I have written to try and get people to understand the plight of missing people trying to find their way home. I have been trying for years and still need help! I will not give up trying to find my family as long as I am alive! Please dont give up if your family member is missing! Please dont give up if you are trying to get home! I hope here to find a community where I can encourage and be encouraged! I totally believe when you survive you have to have a balance of both. Thank you to all who make this community work.


Please can I go home now? 

The first memories of being with this family were very confusing.  I was very young and had just been ripped away from everyone who I felt safe with!  I did not know what caused this change in my life.  Did I do something?  Why would my family let this person take me?  Why was he telling me that my mom didn’t want me because I was bad?  Was I bad?  Why was he putting me in that dark place?  If only I could get back to where I used to be.  Did my mom hate me?  Where was everybody?  Who can I tell about this?  I am scared!  Very very scared!  Can my mom hear me crying?  Please mom come get me please …..   I will not be bad anymore!  I just want you to hold me!  No one holds me here…   No one hugs me or tells me they love me …  Im very very scared!  Can you hear me crying at night?  

I know if you have had a child kidnapped this will be very hard to read but please know that I need people to help me get home.  I am no longer that small child.  I am in my late forties and desire every day to go HOME!  I was too little to find my way home when I was kidnapped but now I am old enough to ask for help!  I know that my mom did not give me to this man but this man took me from my family!  I know that I was not bad and did not deserve to be kidnapped!  I know that my family did nothing wrong and was not responsible for this man’s actions.  


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