Thursday, March 5, 2009

To Actively Participate in Peace4, Please Join a Team(s)

Peace4 Recruitment Team

Committed to Promoting the Peace4 the Missing Vision to Others Team Leader: Miranda Rhuda

Peace4 "Training" Team

Back to School! This Team is a place for those who are in the know to teach those who want to know! A Team which can share resources and information with members who would like to learn more about working cases, research, or advocacy.  *Team Leader Needed

Peace4 "Greeters" Team

Team Leader, Grace Flynn

A place for the Peace4 Greeters to meet and discuss!  The Peace4 "Greeter" Team members are here to welcome and direct new members, and to answer your questions about how to navigate the site.

Peace4 "Sleuth" Team

A private area where case details are discussed. Cases may be submitted in Peace4 Forum. Membership to this area must be requested.  *Team Leader Needed  


Peace4 Newsletter Team

Welcome! I'm your team leader. I'm a Communication's Specialist with many years under my belt of meeting deadlines. So watch out I'm known for hunting people down to get their articles turned in on time! :) I look forward to working with all of the team members. 


Newsletter Deadlines and Publication Dates: 

January 31st for publication in the February 14th publication. 

April 26th for publication in the May 10th publication. (Moved to Mother's Day) 

August 1st for publication in the August 15th publication. 

November 1st for publication in the November 15th publication. 

*****All announcements/articles, etc., should be to Maureen by noon on the deadline dates.******

Peace4 "Encourage" Team

A place for those who need extra support, prayers and TLC. Team Leader - Gwennie (Unsolved Homicides and Missing Adults)

Peace4 "Legislation" Team

A team formed to unite us for changes in legislation that would benefit missing persons and targets of abuse.

Please join us at Peace4 the Missing
Missing Persons Awareness and Support Network

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