Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Every Little Thing is Going to be Alright

To be honest with you, I wasn't even 100% sure who I was actually going to vote for yet this morning!

This from someone whose resume includes occupations on various political campaigns, thus...just so you know, I'm not at all "la-tee-da" about the importance of my Vote.

Anyway, I regress, or's late...

Either way, Today (or now yesterday, I guess) is GREAT because it truly is a day that is Historical! I was SUPER GIDDY to just look at this ballot that included an option of both a WOMAN as well as an AFRICAN AMERICAN, yay, yay, yay, about stinking time!

The significance of this most struck me right at the polls, I had taken my 1st grader with me, and her excitement over the entire process was intoxicating to myself as well.

They recently had a "mock election" at her school, which really got my Anna into things, plus she has her Mother's genes...which means, well...a bit about my past, I was (viciously and unfairly ;) ) reported by (numerous) complaining neighbors when at age 7 I had spammed our entire block (as well as more than a dozen other streets nearby, I had snuck into the "too far away zone" without prior parental permission) with "Reagan likes Kids and is Famous" signs and less appealing fliers about his opponet, Mondale...not that I was a little Republican, I just thought he was cute and looked a bit like my Grandpa.... point!

My little girls exuberance over the process (she fed the vote into the feeder thing too, big deal) soon turned into a very nervous fear.

After a bit of prodding, she shared her concerns with me, which in essence was that the world might end (think, the Rapture) if the "wrong" (as in "bad") President won...and then it struck me, oh my, we really need to try to get along more! Right?!

In a futile attempt to calm her fears I initially tried to explain, that it would all be good yet, that the Prez isn't the only word, that there's also the House and Senate and...her eyes were glazing over, so I summed it up with the only thing her little heart really needed to hear...

"No baby, the world won't end if the wrong Prez gets elected, God's still the boss and I'm still your Mom and we will both always be taking good care of you."

And with that, I honor our first African American President of the United States of America, please lead us on with integrity and wisdom, President Obama...we so desperately need you to be a Beacon of God's Light for this Land.

To John McCain and Sarah Palin, you have made our Country proud, what beautiful testaments of virtue you both have blessed us these beautiful words of McCain's recession speech and be proud and grateful for his incredible love for our Land.

Please join us at Peace4 the Missing
Missing Persons Awareness and Support Network

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Delilah said...

This is truly an historical day as our new President Obama finds the courage and strength to lead our country into a time of peace, prosperity and unity among all of our citizens.