Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuesday Night Radio! 2 Great Shows, Justice Interrupted and Scared Monkeys Radio!


Justice Interrupted: Eye on Prevention
8:00 PM PST/ 10:00PM CST/ 11:00PM EST

Listen Live: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/justiceinterrupted

Dana Pretzer , Host of the popular Scared Monkeys Radio a national news based /entertainment talk show for 10 years. He breaks news makers before the networks. Covering stories Like Natalee Holloway, OJ Simpson, Drew Peterson, Missing Persons, High Profile Cases In The News, Entertainment, Politics and The Law.

The Dana Pretzer Show On Scared Monkeys Radio - Listen Live Tonight At 9PM Eastern - Guests Include Stacy Dittrich, Robin Sax, Susan Murphy Milano, and Glendene Grant Discussing “The Anatomy Of A Crime”. Also Joining Dana, Jossy Mansur

Join Dana with his special guests tonight as he takes listeners from the reported crime to the punishment and beyond.

Joining Dana tonight will be a victim of horrific domestic violence, the victim’s mother, a police officer (Stacy Dittrich), a District Attorney (Robin Sax) and a victim’s advocate and violence expert (Susan Murphy Milano).

Tonight, we take the listener from the moment the crime occurred, to the investigation, to the court and we will discuss whether the system is working or failing.

Also tonight, Jossy Mansur will update us on what Joran Van der Sloot has been up to lately.

Human trafficing has come to the spotlight in the latest Van der Sloot news. Joining us will be Glendene Grant who will discuss the disappearance of her daughter, Jessica Foster and how she believes her daughter may have become a victim of human trafficing.


Robert Geffner, PhD, ABPP, ABPN is the Founder and President of
Institute on Violence, Abuse and TraumaFounder/President, Family Violence & Sexual Assault Institute Clinical Research Professor, CSPP and respected Author.

Jennifer Bishop-Jenkins works as the National Program Director for Victims and Survivors for the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. Her interest in public policy and advocacy began with a watershed moment in Jennifer's life in 1990. Jennifer's youngest sister Nancy, her husband Richard Langert, and their unborn child were brutally murdered in their Winnetka townhouse, killed by a thrill-seeking 16 year old neighbor whose only motive was that he wanted to "see what it would feel like to shoot someone".

And from the headlines, breaking news and case verdicts.

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Missing Persons Awareness and Support Network

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