Saturday, November 8, 2008

Is the Internet the "Crack Cocaine" of Pornography?

David Peightal watches the pages of a magazine burn, a metaphor that bears witness to his freedom from more than 30 years of addiction to pornography, when he studied the pages of Playboy as often as the pages of his Bible. Now he wants to start a ministry for men who want to break free from the lure and trap of pornography.

Peightal acknowledges that battling pornography’s lure is vastly different from when he first fell into its trap. The omnipresence of a permissive American pop culture and a “wired” community virtually place a war front at every step taken during a given day.

“We are living in a pornographic culture,” Peightal said. “It comes from everywhere from every side. It used to be that a man had to have guts enough to bring a magazine up to the counter and pay for it. You used to have to go looking for pornography, now it comes looking for you and it’s piped into our homes.“

The men in this program call the Internet the ‘crack cocaine’ of pornography.’”

For those interested in learning more about his victorious struggle and about the Pure Desire program, Peightal invites telephone calls at (651) 278-2755 or (218) 628-2899. He can also be reached at by e-mail. All conversations will be kept in the strictest confidence.

“Call me, because I want to get some men together and deal with this,” Peightal said. “I just want to tell men everywhere that they can be free from that. The freedom is amazing. It really affects so many aspects of my life and makes me a so much more positive person. I have so much more joy.”


Luke said...

The Pure Desire program sounds excellent. There are so many good resources out there for this.

Recently I was interviewed on Dr. Kevin Skinner's show, "Pornography As I See It." It was a great experience:

Maggie's Rose said...

Thank You for your comment and bless you for all that you have done, I more than 100% support Covenent Eyes, if there's anything I could post as well about your story and/or Covent Eyes, please let me know. I would be honored to do so.