Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Justice Interrupted Radio, Regan Martin Somalis and Susan Murphy-Milano, LIVE!

Tuesday November 11, 2008 8:00 PM PST/ 10:00PM CST/ 11:00PM EST
Listen live: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/justiceinterrupted

Direct from Today's Chicago Tribune Headline, Justice Interrupted will be joined by the mother of domestic violence success survivor Regan Samolis. http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/chi-regan_tuenov11,0,389866.story?page=5

Message below was posted on http://peace4missing.ning.com/ by Cherry, the Mother of Regan Martin.

Today is my birthday. My greatest gift are my children and grandchildren. I can not look at their faces without also seeing one other face "Susan Murphy-Milano" she has tirelessly helped me and my daughter for almost a year. The Chicago Tribune, the video, are all here because of Susan. More than that, the whole 13 charges, the GPS monitor, the Harvard Law students now trying to help, these are all because of Susan. While I am thankful for the article I am upset they did not put Susan in the article.

Others need to know what to do and where to go for help. Please if you can comment on the article or even let the editor know of how Susan has helped so many. Do it! The whole reason Regan did the article was so God could bring good from this evil. Susan is an important part of God's miracle.

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Susan Murphy Milano
Justice Interrupted

Defending Our Lives: Protecting Yourself from Domestic Violence and Stalking
by Susan Murphy Milano

Moving Out, Moving on: When a Relationshop Goes Wrong Workbook
by Susan Murphy-Milano

Defending Our Lives: Getting Away from Domestic Violence and Staying Safe
by Susan Murphy-Milano


Amy Mullin's family members gasped in relief in a packed courtroom after the jury announced its guilty verdict on a single count of first-degree murder after a day of deliberation. Sentencing is scheduled for December 12th, 2008. Kailyce Mullins (Amy's Daughter) will be on the show.

This week on Justice Interrupted crime and the media. We will be joined by California Lt. Darrell Lowe.

Discussing the epidemic rate at which African American children are abducted, Gaetane Borders, head of Peas in their Pods and the fact that they simply do not receive adequate media coverage. Without this media attention the likelihood that these children will be found is slim to none.

And from the headlines, breaking news and case verdicts Peace4 The Missing's Maggie's Rose will join the conversation.

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Maggie's Rose said...

Re: Front Page Chicago Tribune! Peace4 Cherry's Daughter and her heroic struggle to Escape Abuse! - Peace4 the Missing

I read the article and it made me so mad that it took this woman...this mother...so long and cost so much to get away from such a monster, only to have the courts, the judges & the laws stop her in her tracks and turn her around to start over again. How dare the laws be so protective of monsters and give no thought to the mothers and children involved?

I am grateful to hear and know that much credit is due to the help of Susan Murphy Milano. She has been there, strong and fierce in her battle for so many. God blesses us with her and God bless her.
Sincerely, endangered missing woman Jessie Foster's mom, Glendene.


Maggie's Rose said...

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