Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Justice Interrupted ~ Susan Murphy-Milano DV Escape Strategist

Susan Murphy-Milano literally is in the business of SAVING LIVES! Please post your comment at the link below, let the Chicago Tribune know what a vital asset Susan is, and how very much her story needs to be shared!

Susan Murphy Milano

Justice Interrupted

One Woman's Fight For Justice

Please read comments found at the link below and leave your comment as well about Susan Murphy-Milano, this story has a VITAL Missing Piece, the part that saved Regan, the reason why she is not "just another statistic" ~ By doing so you will play a huge part in being able to offer the hope so many DV targets crave. Please urge the Chicago Tribune to share the story of Susan Murphy-Milano.

Also, please DO send out an email to the reporter of this story, it only takes a moment! Please encourage her to do a follow-up story regarding what Susan Murphy Milano did for Regan, not to mention so many others!

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