Thursday, November 13, 2008

Regan Somalis, Former Victim, Future Lifeline for Many

Regan's face graced the Front Page of the Chicago Tribune this week and her story of Spousal Rape and Abuse has touched the hearts of many. The story was well written, it contained both compassion as well as truth. And as a result, many eyes have been opened to the obvious outrageous manner in which our Country is, or rather, is not protecting the Mothers and Children targeted with Domestic Violence.

The story was a first step towards long overdue Justice for both Regan and her children as well as many others persecuted with this plight. But one step won't get Regan and her children to the finish line of Protection, one step can't change the devastating outcome of so many others in this race towards Freedom from their Abusers.

In order to propel this cause, perhaps a good start would be by filling in some of the (pot)holes the Chicago Tribune left out...

1. Regan is not a victim, she was a target of monstrous acts from a Monster capable of many more.

2. Regan's story is not over, it does not have to have an unhappy ending! There is hope and we all can empower ourselves as well by contributing towards better outcomes for Regan and the many others forced to walk in her shoes.

3. Help is available now! God was watching over Regan, she did not have to run this race alone, she had a lifeline, many lifelines who cheered her on and perhaps at times pulled her towards the spot she is at today.

An incredible Mother, ( Cherry Simpson, who herself is joining her daughter towards improving the tomorrows of so many others as well.

And a "God-sent" warrior, who strategically calculated out every step necessary for Regan and her children's escape, walked it with them and continues to guide them along today. Susan Murphy-Milano ( - rescues Domestic Violence Victims, her name and resources NEED TO BE mentioned because she is truly able to SAVE so many more as well.

Help Regan tell her WHOLE story, so many others as well are counting on your assistance, it's a matter of life and death...

(The following is a quote from the Mother of Regan, Cherry Simpson...)
Regan actually wants a piece of piece of legislature which would stop sex offenders from plea bargaining out of sex offender status. It could easily be drafted. There are important principles in this case as there are many major sexual offenders in Illinois that are getting away with their crimes by plea-bargaining. It should not be an option for prosecutors to allow sex offenders to plea out to a lesser crime and there by avoid being put on the sexual offender registry.

Anything you could do to encourage them to help her and impress upon them the seriousness of the crime of aggravated domestic battery would be greatly appreciated.

Senator Debbie Halvorson
241 Joe Orr
Chgo Hts IL 60411

Representative Elizabeth Coulson

Senator Dan Cronin
Please join us at Peace4 the Missing
Missing Persons Awareness and Support Network


Anonymous said...

You are such a dear-heart! I love you!

Anonymous said...

Regan Martin's battles are far from over. The next hearing date regarding the criminal proceedings for John Samolis are February 5, 2009.

Regan needs all of us who support her to help send a strong message to the justice system in IL that John Samolis is a threat not only to Regan and her 3 young children but also to all of us!

We need the prosecutors to take heed of the threats he has made and to help to keep Regan and her family safe from harm.

You can help Regan by writing letters to the editor of the Chicago Tribune asking readers to attend the hearing as well as to encourage that the prosecutors and judges as well as any other trier of fact be aware of how dangerous this situation is and how important it is to keep Regan Martin and her children safe.

The battle is far from over and we must continue to shine a bright light upon Regan Martin's case so that she and her 3 children are not forgotten by our justice system.

Regan Martin is an inspiration to all of us in particular those of us who have endured stalking and abuse!

Regan keep up the good fight and God Bless You and your family!

Anonymous said...

Regan we pray that sentencing goes well and that your suffering will end. For those reading Regan needs our love, prayers and support!