Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The big "C" - What it's All About

Here we are at this day that perhaps was always inevitable...I accept what path we're on. There's no longer any point in rehashing what might have been.

But this isn't our "The End" ~ we will always be a "we" ~ the miracles we made are living, breathing, walking proof of that. Two angelic reminders are where the focus should be.

Looking at our girls, seeing the chocolate brown color of your eyes forever married to the almond shape of mine...nothing else seems to matter anymore. I no longer doubt whether or not we were ever "meant to" be.

They, our dependent little beings, need us to be the "Mommy" and the "Daddy" ~ to not "ugly-up" the story of their creation. Because it's their story and they deserve the most enchanting kind, regardless of whether or not we'll be able to offer the "Fairy Tale" ending.

It's time to put the focus where it should be...on our two precious miracles, our moo and boo...our forever you and me. The most important part of us that will always be meant to be...a we.

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