Monday, October 6, 2008

Tom Starkel, Monday4 the Missing

by Mammabear, Lost Faces of the Missing

Tom Starkel was a very special young man in my life who disppeared off the face of the earth back in Dec. 1979, Its been a very long time but I've never given up hope of finding him justice!!! someone out there knows what happen that night..

I found the above message posted on
Missing Pieces Official Message Board
That's almost 30 years Missing! A lot can happen in a 30 year span. People wed, and/or have children. Some make their fortune, while others loose everything. Time just moves on along, as usual. At least time moves forward for some people.
For others, time is nothing more than a standstill limbo. Sure, they go through the motions of being here, 'in the now.' Yet in reality, they are faced with that one haunting question... and in Hollyjean's case, her question for almost 30 years has been "What Happened to Tom Starkel?"

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