Saturday, October 4, 2008

India's Abducted Children Crisis

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Mothers In India…

Cry for their abducted children.

I found a story that is truly disturbing. It concerns the proliferation in India of abducted children taken from their families and sold into slavery, to adoptive families and into the sex trade. According to officials, an estimated 44,000 Indian children simply vanish each year. Although some are recovered, the story claims three out of the four are never seen again. Complicating matters, it says, is the reluctance of police to become involved.

I have to comment that in a country with millions of homeless children and a finite number of police, as well as an admittedly high incidence of parents who willingly sell their own children, it’s a tough solve for that country’s criminal investigators. Face the facts: It’s tough to trace children who disappear in this country – imagine tracing them in a country already burdened by a huge population of homeless kids.

But excuses do not ease the burdens of families who’ve lost children. Internationally, human trafficking, whether for sex, slavery or adoption, should receive more attention than it does. It’s one of the world’s dirty little secrets.

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