Thursday, October 16, 2008

Collaborative Divorce - "Healthy" Divorce Alernative?

The following tools are designed to help you better understand your divorce options. Court appearances are costly in time, money and emotion because the adversarial court system often pits one family member against another. With the help of CCD Professionals, you can resolve your situation in the best way possible for your entire family, preserving your relationships and financial resources.

 Is Collaborative Divorce Right for You?
A set of questions to find out if you should pursue a cooperative rather than a litigated divorce. 

 What are Your Dicorce Needs?
CCD can help you with decisions about your marriage, filing for divorce or separation, negotiating issues, working on a marital settlement agreement, or modifying an agreement post-divorce

 Free Orientation with a CCD Professional
To learn more about the CCD approach, any CCD Professional can provide you with a Free Orientation by phone or e-mail. 

 Collaborative Divorce Assessment
Working with a case manager is recommended for those who need more in-depth evaluation in order to identify and consider their options and issues. This is a for fee service with a CCD professional. 

 The Glossary
Provides more information and definitions of terms, disciplines, and professions.

1 comment:

Vern Masterson said...

Excellent primer on the collaborative divorce philosophy and practice. I wish this was available a few years ago so I could have saved a friend from a traditional, drawn-out and painful divorce process.